San Andreas Survival Games Map

As the title already speak for itself. It the legendary map from GTA game. It is best play in Adventure Mode, as you definitely don’t want to destroy the beautiful landscape and building in it.

San Andreas Survival Games Map

Expect an action pack map from San Andreas Survival Games Map with a lot of hardcore fast pace action going on. Whether it ambushing some other player, sudden deaths system, chasing other player around crazily or a battle to the death old school style, sniper duels!

San Andreas Survival Games Map is not just simple a remake of the city of MineCraft, It is being build and adjust so that players will have the best survival game experience as it possibly get.

San Andreas Survival Games Map Main Feature

  • The map size is 260 block radius
  • Within the map there over 200+ chests and some are hidden with an unusual and custom context
  • There Puzzles and Traps construct with Redstone
  • There only 4 Crafting Tables in the map
  • Building and environment are custom made for the most amazing and awesome chases or fights
  • The map is not build on Flatland due to adding extra realism effect to it
  • Chests, workbenches and enchanting tables location are being well thought out so that it work best for players

San Andreas Survival Games Map Pros and Cons


  • Fast pace action pack map, suitable for those who like chasing or killing other players.
  • Beautifully design landscape, building and structure


  • There are space limitations to this map so you can and will run into wildlife if you keep running toward one of the end.
  • This map work best in adventure mode.

How to install San Andreas Survival Games Map

  1. Download San Andreas Survival Games Map
  2. Go to %appdata%/roaming/.minecraft
  3. Open the saves folder.
  4. Drag and drop the file zip world folder into the ‘saves’ folder.
  5. Open you world and done!
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