Satoshi’s Treasure Map

Few Minecraft maps deal with real life concepts or make it related to realistic, it’s like your home repossessed by the bank because you’re being late on your mortgage but sometimes that concept is just something that will make this Satoshi’s Treasure Map even more unique and interesting.

Satoshi’s Treasure Map

Satoshi’s Treasure Map

Satoshi’s Treasure Map

Satoshi’s Treasure Map is a really cool map with the unique and interesting concept as the story that times are tough in your home town of Norfield and everyone seems to be struggling in every month as you and they rick losing your home to the bank. But, it’s not hopeless as that bad things offer you a really important opportunity which you have to track down treasures through a number of puzzle-style maps, so you can pay off the loan, let’s get this debt done and bring your home back.

Actually, this map is the combination of parkour, puzzle, and adventure elements combining everything together in a straightforward course where the player can’t really deviate from the task at hand. Just want to let you know that there are actually 5 episodes of this map which each episode will take you roughly about 1-3 hours to get it done. Each episode is the challenge that you have to get through it. For some more information about the episode, the first one is moderately difficult with some combat and fight, ep2 has less combat than ep1. In ep3, 4 and 5, there will be some difficult puzzles brought which will be more difficult depending on scaling up.

With this Satoshi’s Treasure Map installed, you are going to have huge ancient ruins to explore and have some challenging puzzles that require some logic inside your brain with awesome cut scenes and special effects.

Satoshi’s Treasure Map Main Features

  • This is a custom map with huge ancient ruins added
  • Challenging puzzles added with logic required 😀
  • Custom resource pack with textures and sounds
  • Real treasure added

Satoshi’s Treasure Map Pros and Cons


  • Loads of fun and the story line of this map is freaking awesome and related to the concept of real life or realistic related
  • You can explore these huge ancient ruins

  • Tons of puzzles waiting for you to use some logic to beat it


  • There is nothing really bad about this mod except some of the puzzles are way too hard and those who do not afford to have enough common sense and logic will never beat this map

How to install Satoshi’s Treasure Map

  1. Download Satoshi’s Treasure Map from the link download given below
  2. Once you click in the download link, there are various versions of it, just choose and download only the version that suit your game’s version best
  3. Go to %appdata%/roaming/.minecraft/saves
  4. Once you open the saves folder, this is where you are going to put the downloaded
  5. When you have already put the downloaded file into this folder, start the game
  6. Select the new map from the load save option from the main menu
  7. Have fun with the new map and new content
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