Saw VIII Map

Another cool map that derive from some awesome horror movie which will bring you the worst experience that you have ever seen or got from the movie SAW, now you could have those pretty much the same experience in the world of Minecraft as well with this Saw VIII Map installed.

Saw VIII Map

Saw VIII Map

Saw VIII Map is like the coolest map that I’ve ever seen in my life time playing Minecraft, but it is just in my opinion. I’m actually scared easily with those things, but you know it is like challenge, something that you want to know. So, that makes me enjoyed playing this map a lot even if I win the game, I try to play it over and over again. I hope that feeling of mine will be similar to some of you which will really make your game play experience become much more interesting and exciting. If you are those who have ever watched this kind of movie before, you could be able to predict of what this mod will do for you. There will so many traps filled in every single place you are stepping in. You will have to be really carefully and outplay the game. If you don’t want to die here lying there in those lava pit!

If you find this map interesting and fun which you think you can outplay it without getting scared, jump scared, feared and many more thing. So, this map is for you. Those who are horror lover or even the SAW’s fan will regret if they do not try this awesome map out right now!

Saw VIII Map Main Features

  • 45 minutes required for the playing time to finish the game
  • Best SAW map ever created
  • Custom resource pack
  • Tons of traps and puzzles waiting for you to explore with

Saw VIII Map Pros and Cons


  • This is a survival map which you will be challenged by those traps, puzzles and times which you will have to over come them to win the game. that is quite challenge right?
  • This is surely one of the best SAW map version that I have ever seen and played in my entire life


  • Some contents in this map contain something that will be too unpleasant which will frighten some players. Worst case, if those people have some heart attack and shock then die, just exaggerate, but it might happen though

How to install Saw VIII Map

  1. Browse to %appdata% and look for ‘.minecraft’ folder
  2. Find ‘saves’ folder
  3. Drag and drop the downloaded file ‘Saw VIII Map’ into the ‘saves’ folder
  4. Start the game
  5. Select the downloaded map from your saves
  6. Have fun
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