Scenter Mod

One of the most useful mod will be just like the X-ray mod that you’ve experienced or used before. The features are different, but the result is pretty much similar. Speaking of Scenter Mod, which you might want to try it out as it will just help you to access yourself into all the ores in-game very easily. However, this time, you won’t see through all the blocks beneath to the ores, but you will just smell and sniff the scent of the ores instead.

Scenter Mod

Scenter Mod is a really well designed mod that has been created for the same purpose of the X-ray mod. It works similarly, but it just tends to be a slightly better. Instead of seeing through every single unnecessary block, but valuable ores only. This mod tends to give you a brand new way to feel that they are there. Actually, it’s totally based on the scent.

You will be able to sniff through blocks to the needed ones. Literally, that’s not realistic at all because there is no such functionalities showing that you are smelling, but hey, you can see the colored line showing an individually certain ore. After that is pretty much the same that you just follow the line and it will bring you to the destination where your goal was set at. That doesn’t only apply to ores, but minerals as well like coal, glowstone, and quartz. As the default setting, it’s been set to be within 10 blocks. Currently, there are only 9 ores and minerals are preconfigured including coal, diamond, emerald, gold, iron, lapis, restone, glowstone, and nether quartz. There are 2 keys in-game provided as well including O and L. Pressing O will activate the scenter and switch to next target block, pressing L to deactivate the scenter.

So, this Scenter Mod is considered more legitimate than the X-ray mod by most players out there and hopefully you guys will too. By the way, as I’ve just mentioned that using this mod won’t be possible when going into the online server as it’s taken as cheating just like the X-ray one.

Scenter Mod Main Features

  • This mod just basically lets you sniff right through the nearby valuable ores and mineral veins with the color indicators for every single type of ore and mineral

Scenter Mod Pros and Cons


  • You don’t have to put so much effort into finding the wanted valuable ores or minerals as you just go around the world, have fun with your other stuff and then you will be easily noticed like you are sniffing the smell of the ores and know exactly where they are
  • This mod has been designed very well, instead of using X-ray mod, this mod gives much more space and new refreshing way to do so
  • Also, the color system that help indicating each ore and mineral is absolutely useful and special


  • This mod is going to ruin your aspect of the gameplay for sure, not only you are going to oversupply your world as they are easily found with this mod implemented, but also it works pretty much like the X-ray mod that won’t be easily allowed by the multi-player server out there
  • This mod needs Minecraft Forge to work properly and operate without any problem

How to install Scenter Mod

  1. Minecraft Forge is heavily required and recommended, so download and install it first
  2. Download the Scenter Mod with the latest version by going in the link download provided below, the highlighted one
  3. Search for %appdata% and find .minecraft folder
  4. Open .minecraft folder and then head into mods folder
  5. Drag and drop the downloaded mod file into the mods folder without extracting it
  6. Finish
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