Sci-Fi Texture Pack For Minecraft 1.10.2/1.9.4/1.8.9/1.7.10/1.7.2

Halo! This Texture Pack is about “Sci-Fi“, a texture pack give you new update for Minecraft 1.4.7. “Sci-Fi Texture Pack 1.4.7” it’s new pack boasts loads of changes and additions. We’ll add new like “New stone texture” and “New bedrock texture”, sound interesting! If you looking for something new and amazing for Minecraft 1.4.7. Don’t miss this version. We all know what Sci-Fi Texture Pack is, but few of us really understand what Texture Pack is or Minecraft is. Everyone can help new gamer for Minecraft. Just show your comment what do you think? So, if you see old my post and can’t download anything in there. I would like to say sorry about that. Right now! If you want to download and Install this pack. Just look at link download below? Let’s fun this Sci-Fi Texture Pack and Minecraft 1.4.7.

Sci-Fi Texture Pack Update New Feature :

  • Add old grass, edited grass texture and snowy grass.
  • Add new stone texture, and all ores match new stone
  • Add new bedrock texture
  • Add new melon
  • Add new cocoa pod
  • Add new diamond block textures
  • And much more…

How to Install Sci-Fi Texture Pack

  1. Download Sci-Fi Texture Pack (link below)
  2. Download and patch using MCPatcher HD
  3. At start menu, run > /%appdata%/.minecraft/texturepacks/
  4. Copy and Paste the texture pack (.zip file) without unzipping
  5. Open Minecraft and change texture pack in-game
  6. Enjoy!
Credit : Mozzie Camo7

Download Sci-Fi Texture Pack

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