SeaHorse Isle Map

supplies the player to set up almost certainly by far the most lovely and awesome maps about proper now. It offers tranquility and calm wrapped with worry, since the Ocean Equine Isles incorporates a raging volcano complete of molten hot lava! I very advocate you to surely download this SeaHorse Isle Map when you want to play anything which just feels various!

SeaHorse Isle Map

SeaHorse Isle Map Main Features

  • Must you think about the map in the wild birds eye view or more than, you happen to be capable to noticeably observe that the hawaiian islands in the ideal kind of two seahorses!
  • The SeaHorse Isle Map also offers a volcano known as ‘Devil’s Peak’.
  • Trigo Peak is amongst the greatest points about the map, the mountain is definitely tall it types snow on best!
  • The Ocean Equine Isles provides naturally breeding assets, but in addition for added detail all of the trees are custom created!

SeaHorse Isle Map Pros and Cons


  • This map can presently be installed for client and server and it is actually completely up-to-date to new Minecraft version. This Minecraft map is quite, strikingly wonderful and that i urge you to certainly go and listen to it straight away!


  • I’m unable to discover any challenges with this certain map, possibly the truth that by but it isn’t 100% completed, but within the price that it really is upgrading that’ll be each day now!

How to install SeaHorse Isle Map

  1. Download the SeaHorse Isle Map in the first time
  2. Drag and drop the .zip files into the ‘saves’ folder on the Minecraft directory.
  3. Open your minecraft game and playing.
  4. Done!
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