SecureCraftProtect Mod

Another cool mod that I almost had a heart attack when saw this. I can’t wait ti play it and now I find it available. So, I would like to suggest you guys to check and try out this awesome SecureCraftProtect Mod. You will be amazed by this mod for sure.

SecureCraftProtect Mod

SecureCraftProtect Mod

SecureCraftProtect Mod

SecureCraftProtect Mod is a really cool mod which made by ‘ntzmtthihu777’. It is a really interesting mod which will add so many new things to the world of Minecraft. Those added things are new sounds, items, and blocks. Those blocks are alarm block, sliding doors, other blocks, smoke block. Alarm block are available only in creative mod or by the command /give, this thing can play 4 sounds. This can be powered by redstone which will play the containment breach siren that used in the SCP. Also, you can use the wrench to change the output sound. Sliding doors are used for safe and Euclid class SCPs. This will slide into the blocks next to it when powered. It will always stay like that till you power it again. Blocks added are reinforced iron, blood block, bone block, electric wool, grate block, and corroded iron block. Smoke block is an item that when placed on the world faces the direction of the player that placed it. After that it will emit smoke particles and will affect blindness to the player who get close or walk in that area. This thing can be crafted by using 7 coubblestones in an U shape and a flint and steel place at the center. The item added is Keycards which has 5 tier categorized into 5 level as well. The higher of level are, that means more private.

If you want something different from what you have never faced or experienced before, why not check this SecureCraftProtect Mod out! You will enjoy this awesome mod for sure.

SecureCraftProtect Mod Main Features

  • A lot of disc sound added
  • Lots of new item added
  • Lots of block added

SecureCraftProtect Mod Pros and Cons


  • Many new items and blocks added for you to enjoy with!
  • A lot of new custom sound from SCP which would entertain and make you excited for sure


  • This mod required Modloader or Minecraft Forge installed to your fresh Minecraft and you will have to follow the installation instruction. That is quite boring because there are most of the people that struggle with it and can not install it properly

How to install SecureCraftProtect Mod

  1. Download and install Minecraft Forge.
  2. Go to start menu and type in %appdata
  3. Look for .minecraft
  4. Open mods folder
  5. Drag and drop the downloaded file into mods folder (with .zip file and do not extract it)
  6. Start the game
  7. Enjoy SCP!
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