SecurityCraft Mod

Have you ever get annoyed by people trolling you? I mean those who keep destroying your house, keep stealing stuff from you. It is like when you come back home, the doors broken, and everything is gone! With this SecurityCraft Mod installed will stop that from happening! Be sure to check it out!

SecurityCraft Mod

SecurityCraft Mod 1

SecurityCraft Mod 2

SecurityCraft Mod 3

SecurityCraft Mod is a freaking cool mod which made by ‘Geforce’ As you can guess from the title of this mod, it is all about security. Everything that adds-in by this mod is like the security systems. Those things will secure your house and your stuff. It is a pretty awesome mod though. For the things added including Laser Block which allows you to set up traps that based on people walking through, something like that. Keypad, this one you just attach it to the door to set the password to open the door.

Iron trapdoor needs redstone power to open or close it. Password-protected chest, when opening this chest there will be a small GUI similar to the keypad, when the code is correctly entered, it will let you access. Mine, after placing to any place, any mob that walks on it  will get blown up, players are included too! The Block Mines, these are like the standard mines, except that they look exactly like normal, when you touch it or any mobs will get blown up.

Fake water and Fake lava, you can just like go and stay in lava and you won’t die, but for water it might instantly kill you just only touch it. The thing I like the most about this mod is the Reinforced door, this one is like the iron door that you can’t open it without redstone power, but this one is quite special because it is unbreakable, no one can break into this door! Only the player who places it can break it by using the door remover.

If you want some security for you house, or if you are playing on a server or a host, this mod is heavily recommended. This Mod will help to secure your place, your area and so on. Also, this mod will help to prevent those trolls that keep annoying you guys. Let’s check this awesome mod out right now, there is the download link below.

SecurityCraft Mod Main Features

  • A load of new content to secure your house!
  • With reinforced door, no one is going to break in!

SecurityCraft Mod Pros and Cons


  • Your place will become much more safer
  • Many toys with some new content included that help to secure your house, that is amazing!


  • This mod requires Modloader or Minecraft Forge to properly install the mod

How to install SecurityCraft Mod

  1. Download and install Modloader or Minecraft Forge for more feature available and to prevent some bug issues that might occur
  2. Download SecurityCraft Mod from the download link below
  3. Browse to %appdata% and look for ‘.minecraft’ folder
  4. Find ‘mods’ folder
  5. Drag and drop the downloaded file into the ‘mods’ folder
  6. Start the game, check if the mod is completely installed
  7. Have fun!
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