Selim’s Random Things Mod

Are you really satisfied of what you have to enjoy with in the world of Minecraft? I mean Vanilla of course. No you will never be, because of what? The contents are getting boring and boring each day you login and play without anything new at all and even if there is, still that won’t be interesting to enjoy too. On the contrary, having mods installed would take away some of the original aspect of the gameplay. So, what you really have to do is just find a mod that will do the changes only to the minor functionality which is what this Selim’s Random Things Mod does.




Selim’s Random Things Mod is a mod that will do exactly just like its name suggests. Still, that’s quite confusing for the random stuff that are going to be implemented to the game. Anyway, here is a clue, this mod implements multitudes of different kinds of items into the game allowing players to utilize them efficiently. Basically, the new things added all can be crafted and all of them are impactful and useful for sure. For instance of the new things added including a Weather Sensor, Colored Beds, Rope Ladders, a Scythe, Magma Bricks, Bulletproof Glass and many more. What I really like about this mod is that it actually allows you to craft Nether Stars. Another thing would be the Bulletproof Glass which can be used for decoration and yet are extremely reinforced that is resistant against TNT and explosive stuff. Moreover, the idea of adding different colored bed is really cool and they come with a little bit different of a design as well. Overall, these things might be a little bit off edged with their modern look and style. However, if you are those who can adapt yourself easily, then this mod is worth a try.

If you want a really simple mod for your Minecraft which won’t stray too far from the main concept of the game with the major changes to the functionality, but instead offers you a ton of useful and impactful items based on the Vanilla stuff, then this Selim’s Random Things Mod is here for you guys. Be sure to check it out!

Selim’s Random Things Mod Main Features

  • This mod implements some new multitudes of different kinds of items into the world of Minecraft which include a Weather Sensor, Colored Beds, Rope Ladders, a Scythe, Magma Bricks, Bulletproof Glass, Craftable Nether stars and a lot more

Selim’s Random Things Mod Pros and Cons


  • With the bulletproof glass, you don’t have to worry about creepers exploding at all as your house won’t take any damage from explosion
  • Different colored beds give you more choices to enjoy decorating
  • There is a load of new items that you can enjoy and all of them are really useful on their owns


  • This mod will only work once you have Minecraft Forge installed only
  • Even though what this mod offers you guys are the things that will do just a little to the minor functionality of the game, however, some of them really impact to the major things as well

How to install Selim’s Random Things Mod

  1. Download Selim’s Random Things Mod from the link download below and be sure to download the most compatible version or the same version with your game
  2. Download Minecraft Forge with the same version as your game
  3. Install Minecraft Forge
  4. Copy the downloaded mod file
  5. Navigate yourself into Minecraft directory and look for mods folder
  6. Place the file that you just copied into this folder
  7. All done and have fun
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