Sentry Mod: Home Defense

Are you getting tired and bored of the annoying creeper who keep blowing up your house? You will have to replace the block, repair your house, farm, and more. If you do so, I would suggest you to try this Sentry Mod: Home Defense out. This mod will help to solve that problem a lot.

Sentry Mod: Home Defense

Sentry Mod: Home Defense 1

Sentry Mod: Home Defense 2

Sentry Mod: Home Defense is a mod which is currently adds different levels of sentries to protect or defend your area. These sentries can be crafted, but somehow it’s pretty expensive, but when you are able to craft it once, you will know that it is worth enough. Their levels are also called tier, there are 4 tiers of them.

  • Tier 1 is pretty basic, so the materials won’t be too luxury. Main material is cubblestone, due to its basic, the range attack, damage, and abilities ain’t that good.
  • Tier 2 is based on iron ingot, this tier is quite worth to be crafted because irons are not that hard to find.
  • Tier 3 is based on gold ingots, and a diamond involved. This tier is pretty good, and quite worth of crafting it, works much faster than tier 1 and 2.The last tier and the best by far for now which is based on diamond! I really love this tier. It’s freaking worth of crafting it, like the Guardian Sentry gives you all buff, regeneration, speed, strength, resistance, haste, all in level 2! The damage deal like 5 hearts for each hit!
  • In this tier 4 you can have a Huge Hurricane to blow your enemy fly out of sight! Also, you can have a Overgrowth Sentry which can be put near your farm and you just watch your crops grow extremely fast!

All tier are separated into many types which are like attack type, buff type, knockback, debuff the mobs or enemy and agriculture type!. All of that are very useful, the more tier or sentry, the more efficient and effective. With these useful things, why not give Sentry Mod: Home Defense a go?

Sentry Mod: Home Defense Main Features

  • 4 tier of sentries added which help to protect your house!

Sentry Mod: Home Defense Pros and Cons


  • This mod is 100% complete!
  • This sentries are super useful, help to protect your house from mobs, especially the creeper! If you know what I mean


  • This mod requires Minecraft Forge or Modloader in order to install properly, I recommend using Forge!

Sentry Mod: Home Defense Change Log

  • Dart and wind sentries added
  • Permafrost sentry by a lot buffed
  • Nature and nature’s blessing sentries buffed
  • Dartstorm sentries can crit
  • Compatibility with the latest version of Minecraft

How to install Sentry Mod: Home Defense

  1. Download and install Minecraft Forge
  2. Download the Sentry Mod: Home Defense
  3. Browse to %appdata% and look for ‘.minecraft’ folder
  4. Find ‘mods’ folder
  5. Drag and drop the downloaded mod into the ‘mods’ folder
  6. Launch the game
  7. Check if the mod is completely installed
  8. Have fun
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