Shape Shifter Z Mod

Shape Shifter Z Mod – Dowload and install Shape Shifter Z Mod! The mods here are many and are subject to change. Skin model composed of different mods.This game is very exciting.If you have this mod! It Mod-Shape Shifter! This mod will allow you to change your character in the form of other thing in the this mod, it will changing your view in the game. Shape Shifter Z Mod it’s amazing version! Are you ready to download and install this version right now!

Developer by Sylaek, Thanks for this mod!!!

How to install Shape Shifter Z Mod

  1. Don’t install forge or modloader
  2. Download the Shape Shifter Z Mod files.
  3. Move the file Class is. your minecraft.jar.
  4. Remove the META-INF.
  5. Enjoy!

  • Cherry

    Does this work with forge?
    had to ask because i know the 1.5.2 shapeshifter doesnt.

  • bob

    it doesn’t work

  • stampylongnose

    is it

  • stampylongnose

    how can I do it for 1.7.4?

    • RDlover

      hi stampy i watch your videos. when will you be joined by Iballisticsquid?

      • stampylongnose

        maybe one day :)

  • RDlover

    how easy can it download?

  • MC lover

    Love this mod! Can’t wait to download!

  • HugoTheGamer

    When you download it, does it give a virus?

  • starstrike125

    how do I download?