Shiganshina District (Attack on Titan) Map

Have you ever watched or played the game and movie called Attack on Titan? If you have not, or even if you have. You would be surprised by the map that I’m going to show you. But even if I do not tell you what it is, still you might probably know it. This map is called Shiganshina District (Attack on Titan) Map. Check it out and here are some awesome screenshots that you will experience in the game!

Shiganshina District (Attack on Titan) Map

Shiganshina District (Attack on Titan) Map

Shiganshina District (Attack on Titan) Map

Shiganshina District (Attack on Titan) Map is another cool map that is a must download and play which made by ‘etherealcat’. This map use the TEX-D2 texture pack which will give a really cool feeling which might bring you into the world of Attack on Titan. Basically, this is just an awesome map that is recreated the entire Shiganshina district or what we well known Attack on Titan. A very popular anime from Japan. From the story around the adventures of Eren Yeager and his adopted sister Mikasa Ackerman, after the wall which protects their hometown of Shinganshina is breached by the Titans, Eren watches one of them eat his mother. Vowing to kill all Titans, Eren join in the military along with his friends and he is trying to get revenge. That’s all the story, but this is just a custom map you will not have to kill anyone, unless you adjust and adopt this map into adventure, but I do not know if the original team creators of this map will allow you to do that though. This map just brings you the atmosphere and the feeling of the entire hometown of Shinganshina for you.

If you are interested with this map and you find that this Shiganshina District (Attack on Titan) Map would certainly give you a lot of fun, so why not give this awesome map a go right now? Check it and try observing around, so you will see how much effort have been put in this map by the creators.

Shiganshina District (Attack on Titan) Map Main Features

  • This map is recreated the entire Shinganshina district or Attack on Titan
  • Atmosphere and feeling of Attack on Titan given in this map

Shiganshina District (Attack on Titan) Map Pros and Cons


  • You will be brought into the another world, the world of Attack on Titan which you will see those beautiful town and the model of the biggest Titan in that anime crumbling on the wall
  • All the details of the hometown look exactly like the anime which is very amazing


  • This is just a custom map for you to go and play around the hometown of Shinganshina, so there might not be so many things for you to do with!

How to install Shiganshina District (Attack on Titan) Map

  1. Download Shiganshina District (Attack on Titan) Map from the download link below
  2. Go to start menu and browse in %appdata% and open in roaming folder, as well as .minecraft folder
  3. Here you will find maps folder, so just simply drag and paste the downloaded new map into this folder
  4. All done, just start the game and select the map you installed, enjoy!
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