Shipwrecks Mod

Most of the time, when we need some items, but we’re too lazy to go for it, what would we usually do? Mining down straight to the bottom and risk a chance of finding the dungeons right? That’s the basic way we do which much luck involved. Somehow, that’s not the only way anymore as you can acquire some valuable loots from under of the oceans or the beaches as well with this Shipwrecks Mod installed.

Shipwrecks Mod

Shipwrecks Mod

Shipwrecks Mod

Shipwrecks Mod this mod gives Minecraft the brand new feel and way about oceans and beaches. It will give such a huge potential into the oceans and beaches to have more significant roles. Probably, we don’t usually go under or even near the water, beaches, or oceans right? Because there is really nothing there to be interested of. With this mod installed, there will be shipwreck under the water with various different size that vary in the quality of the items in chest that can be found as well.

Let’s just suppose this ship is rather deep under water, what would you do? Stick yourself some fences or torches for extra recounting breath? You don’t have to as you also receive the new recipes to craft a dive suit which requires some expensive stuff like iron, diamond, emerald and slime ball. The most painful one to find would be diamond though. Anyways, this suit will allow you to breathe underwater and you can see everything much better and clearer. However, with this suit equipped, you will move slower than usual. You may eventually come across a few stone spires that contain many ores which typically not found under water.

With this new way of getting valuable loots, would you rather go for it under the ocean or risk a chance of mining down straight hoping to luckily find the dungeons or mine cart with chest? Either way are all good, but what you can have in this Shipwrecks Mod is the new experience and new way to obtain the items from different places which will be much better than what you’ve experienced before.

Shipwrecks Mod Main Features

  • There is a variety of sunken or beached ships that you can explore for valuable loots
  • Dive suit recipes added allow you to breathe and see better under water

Shipwrecks Mod Pros and Cons


  • The new way and place to go for valuable loots rather than in dungeons or strongholds only which give Minecraft a brand new feel to the aspect of the game which is interesting
  • The larger the ships found, the better and more loots in there


  • There should be more sunken ships than the average that I’ve experienced, but that would be over supply right? So, it’s all good except the needs of Minecraft Forge that you have to download and install it first
  • Anyways, before you will be able to explore the sunken ship deep down under water, you will need a diving suit first as the price to craft it is quite expensive with 1 diamond and 1 emerald needed

How to install Shipwrecks Mod

  1. Download the mod file with Shipwrecks Mod name from the link download given below
  2. Download Minecraft Forge
  3. Be sure to get both files in the most compatible version
  4. Install Minecraft Forge first
  5. Head yourself into your Minecraft directory and copy the downloaded mod file
  6. Open in mods folder in your Minecraft directory
  7. Place the file that you just copied, all done
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