Simply Corn Mod

Most of the mods out there tend to add in new contents into the game, of course that’s the best thing you’d do when you don’t enjoy playing the game anymore. However, in terms of agricultural way, you got pretty much almost all necessary thing to enjoy doing farm with. Still, one of the simplest resource hasn’t been added into the game yet. If that doesn’t ring a bell, then with the title of Simply Corn Mod and the features given will do.


Simply Corn Mod is a mod that has been designed to give players the simplest resources that should be added by the Vanilla, but over many hours of playing the game, there is no such a sign for that at all. Anyway, this mod will basically add in corn and sub-components into the game. With this implementation, you can now be able to grow your own field of corn. Most importantly, it blends completely with the concept of the game, so you won’t feel like this is a mod at all. In addition, you can get kernels from breaking grass or from ears of corn. Also, there is new food recipe added which is roasted corn that can be done by putting corn ear in a furnace and it will fill up 4 points of hunger. You are also be able to make your own corn chowder or chicken corn chowder for more variables. With this mod installed, there is a really great addition given to the any farm which is great.

It seems like when you have this Simply Corn Mod installed, you don’t really have to eat the same old veggies like potato, carrot, pumpkin, or watermelon anymore because of the roasted corn will fill the hunger bar up to 4 points which is extremely worth to do corn farm!

Simply Corn Mod Main Features

  • Corn added with corn kernels and corn crops
  • Corn kernels can be obtained by randomly breaking grass
  • Corn crops are 3 blocks tall which are based on real life corn

Simply Corn Mod Pros and Cons


  • The little gap that Vanilla Minecraft has left for us will be filled in now with the adding of corn which will help to make gameplay become smoother and make more sense with no change from the Vanilla style
  • You can even make corn chowder and chicken corn chowder to eat


  • You may have to install Minecraft Forge first even if this mod does or doesn’t require you to have it or not, just in case

How to install Simply Corn Mod

  1. Minecraft Forge is required, so download and install it first
  2. Download Simply Corn Mod with .jar or .zip file from the link download given below
  3. Go to %appdata%/.minecraft folder
  4. Look for mods folder and put the downloaded mod file into the mods folder
  5. All done, start the game and check if the mod is installed and worked properly
  6. Enjoy
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