SimplySharp Resource Pack 1.11.2/1.9.4/1.8.9/1.7.10

How are you guys? Welcome back to another resource pack recommendation. Today, what I have is the pack based on cartoonish style called SimplySharp Resource Pack. Actually, reading from the title, you wouldn’t believe that it’s based on cartoony right? But, you’d better check out some of the screenshots below and then you will realize why.

SimplySharp Resource Pack

SimplySharp Resource Pack

SimplySharp Resource Pack

SimplySharp Resource Pack is a pretty neat and awesome resource pack made by tylertyza_, all credits to the creator. Sometimes, this pack is called Tyza’s SimplySharp Resource Pack, but whatever. If you have already checked those pictures, you would notice yourself that even if it’s based on the cartoonish style, but you can truly see some shading of the sharpness in each block that they are all very neatly detailed. That will also help to improve the quality of things like the textures of the blocks and items. Moreover, it’s going to look so smooth because it’s based on cartoony. It feels so good when you place block attached to each other and they seem to be blended together perfectly without any joint though. This pack will completely change the appearance of the Minecraft world to be much more like the cartoon network world. If you still can’t imagine if this map is really good or not, why won’t you check it out yourself, that won’t take that much time to do so.

If you are looking for a cartoon based resource pack, this SimplySharp Resource Pack is one of the best coming up first from my mind, so I would like to share and it’s worth enough to waste a bit of the time to download and test it, trust me there is no regret.

SimplySharp Resource Pack Main Features

  • The resolution of this resource pack is 128×128
  • All of the look and feel of Minecraft are simplified to be HD version based on Cartoonish style

SimplySharp Resource Pack Pros and Cons


  • This pack is completely 100% done with a very neat detail for every single block and item
  • With the cartoonish style, everything will be soft and pleasant to look at


  • Even if this pack is 100% done, but it’s still in a Beta version which can be run only in 1.9 version of Minecraft
  • There are some bugs
  • There are some random textures missing

How to install SimplySharp Resource Pack

  1. Download SimplySharp Resource Pack from the link download provided
  2. Be sure to select and download the most compatible version
  3. Open search browser and type in %appdata%
  4. Look for .minecraft and go into it
  5. Head into resourcepacks folder
  6. Place the downloaded pack file into the resourcepacks folder
  7. Done
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