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Download Single Player Commands Mod and Minecraft 1.5.2, If you want to download and install this, Just go to here. Single Player Commands Mod it’s amazing and awesome Mod. look at this, that gives you the ability to type commands into your game and doing somethings.

Single Player Commands Mod - Download and install Single Player Commands Mod version. If you are looking for something new version, you can get download and install this “Single Player Commands Mod”. Look at this version Single Player Commands Mod that gives you the amazing ability, Type commands into your game and then, just doing somethings on your Minecraft with this mod. It will allow you to get new ability. For example about this, you can type /fly then look at your character. finally your character will fly, and more over than you can type /spawn pig and then the number to spawn x amount of pigs in Minecraft. Wow!!! this sound interesting and look really good for new version. So…this is the topic question, How to get download Single Player Commands Mod? Please read below my post

Single Player Commands Mod Changelogs

  • Update new release with current Minecraft version.
  • Fix and update

Single Player Command Mod - Command List

View command list here

How to install Single Player Commands Mod

  1. Type% appdata% into the start menu.
  2. Open folder. Minecraft / bin.
  3. Open Minecraft.jar.
  4. Delete INF META.
  5. Drag files from the MOD.
  6. Minecraft is working.
  7. Press T and start typing queries.

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