Skitto’s Sovereign Texture Pack

Don’t you think there are too many texture packs for Minecraft? Still, you can not find the right one yet. Most people are bored of realistic, simplistic, medieval pack right? Most of you that have been playing with it before would know that as well. So, today I have new kind or new type of texture pack to show and share with you guys which is called Skitto’s Sovereign Texture Pack.

Skitto's Sovereign Texture Pack

Skitto's Sovereign Texture Pack

Skitto's Sovereign Texture Pack

Skitto’s Sovereign Texture Pack is a really awesome texture pack which made by ‘Skitto493’. This is the first texture pack of this new developer, and I would say, this does not look like his first work or project because all the things like textures for blocks and items look quite special which give you the feeling of what you have not seen before. The pack comes with 32×32 resolution, but at the first try and glance of mine, I thought that this pack was 64×64 resolution. This pack does not comes with realistic style, not simplistic style, and not even medieval! This pack is kind of sci-fi texture pack which I’m not so sure if there is this kind of pack in the forum or not, but I find this one is so amazing, so I picked it up. Not only sci-fi look, but this pack still gives kind of futuristic as well which there are so many custom things including animations, sounds, splashes, language and ending. The main character about this pack would be mobs and animations. Redstone Ores will flash and shine repeatedly, crafting table which has a really cool animation on it, furnance, torches, tall grass, dispenser, dropper, TNT, redstone lamp, redstone repeater, redstone torch. Water and lava animations are what took me most of the time watching them lol.

What I like the best about this pack is the animation though, especially the grown netherwart that looks like the eyes are flashing and blinking. Everything look so futuristic in this pack. If you miss this awesome Skitto’s Sovereign Texture Pack, you will regret for 100%

Skitto’s Sovereign Texture Pack Main Features

  • The resolution of this texture pack is 32×32
  • There are custom sounds
  • There are many new animations
  • There are custom splashes
  • Custom language added
  • There is also custom ending as well

Skitto’s Sovereign Texture Pack Pros and Cons


  • New kind and style of texture pack which look awesome
  • This pack is original and unique
  • Every single textures look so well done
  • All the new animations added are related to the concept of the pack which is good though


  • This pack is just a work in progress
  • This pack is not finished or done yet, so there might be some textures for some blocks missing from the game
  • This pack require Optifine to work properly

How to install Skitto’s Sovereign Texture Pack

  1. This pack requires you to have Optifine installed, so download and install it first
  2. Download Skitto’s Sovereign Texture Pack from the link below, be sure to select the one that fit your Minecraft version best
  3. Browse to %appdata% and look for .minecraft folder
  4. Open resourcepacks folder
  5. Drag and drop the downloaded texture pack into resourecpacks folder
  6. Start the game and select the pack from the texture pack menu selection
  7. Done
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