Sky Islands Map

Are you looking for a survival map to play with your friends in Minecraft? Or don’t you ever want to play survival map to test your true power? Let’s see how much you can handle with this awesome Sky Islands Map. Here are some awesome screenshots for you to decide whether you will download and play this map or not!

Sky Islands Map

Sky Islands Map

Sky Islands Map

Sky Islands Map is a really cool map about survival roll play! As much as you can expect and guess of what this map is about! This map contains so many islands in the sky for you to survive, explore, and conquer! All you have to do is to enjoy this map, follow the rules, and accept the challenges given by this map! Those rules are you might break blocks, do not use hacks, mods, and commands, play this map on hard difficulty, do not break any blocks on mainland. Easy rules to stick with right? Those challenges that you might have accept them including, you will have to reach every single island given by this map, you must plant a tree on every single island as well.Find the dungeon, mine every single ore in the map, connect every island together, find the lumberjacks story, make the wither, reach mainland, do not blow up in stronghold island (you will have to kill creepers without letting them explode, find the hidden cloud, make 100 cookies, make 10 cakes, and so on. There are more of the challenges that you have to complete which you can find the list in the map as well.

If you find this map interesting and useful which you can have fun with your friends or even test your skills abut survival abilities, so be sure to give this awesome Sky Islands Map a go!

Sky Islands Map Main Features

  • There are islands in the sky for you to reach and survive, then do the challenges given! Also, follow the rules as well

Sky Islands Map Pros and Cons


  • You can have fun playing with your friends in this map, let’s see who will be the first to reach all over the island made in this map
  • There are some challenges for you to enjoy with!


  • What you can find and play in this map is just a single island, many of island which is not detailed that much, so all you have to do is to reach every island without dying, what do you expect more about this kind of map? 😛

Sky Islands Map Change Log

  • Nether quartz on nether island updated
  • There are more explosives and trap chests
  • The witches are doubled
  • Some minor bug fixed
  • Compatibility with the latest version of Minecraft

How to install Sky Islands Map

  1. Download Sky Islands Map from the download link below
  2. Browse to %appdata%/roaming/.minecraft
  3. There will be saves folder, open it
  4. Simply drag and drop the whole downloaded map into this folder
  5. Select the map inside the game from the world menu selection
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