Skyblock Warriors Map

This can be a diverse type of adventure and challenge Map. Normally utilizing a challenge or survival map you’d rely on significant develops, but as a substitute this map concentrates on minimal work area to stress the difficulties. However there’ll generally be merely a single Skyblock Warrior Map. Do you get experience feeling you will be guy sufficient to defend myself against everything this map needs to throw to you, are you aware sufficient Minecraft abilities and suggestions to do pressurized? Now you might test yourself!

Skyblock Warriors Map

Skyblock Warriors Map

Skyblock Warriors Map Main Features

  • This map has 4 floating islands that requires one player to spawn on each island, from the following you will need to make use of all your Minecraft expertise to kill your competitors even though you’ll be only given minimal supplies!
  • Every Skyblock or island, features 1 tree, sand, iron, wheat, cactus and water all within your individual chest!
  • Whenever you in some way have the ability to have for that side chests, you’ll uncover iron, arrows as well as some string!
  • The prolific center chest allows you to definitely craft bows and arrows!

Skyblock Warriors Map Pros and Cons


  • One around the primary features of the mod may be the simplicity, the minimal style and insufficient assets pushes Minecrafters for their limit and tests their know-how and overall Minecraft level of skill! This Minecraft map is designed for all servers.


  • I can not fault this map, for individuals who’ve 3 buddies, there’s pointless why you can’t play this map!

Skyblock Warriors Map Changelogs

  • The latest update incorporated adding snowballs, a speed concoction in addition to a creeper mind for that center chests! There’s certainly also team color chest plates!

How to install Skyblock Warriors Map

  1. To begin with, if you wish to play this map without having setting up you will find lots of custom servers available presently!
  2. All you have to do is download the Skyblock Warriors Map
  3. Drag and drop in to the server ‘saves’ folder of a your Minecraft directory.
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