Skylands Map

We have received a complaint about this version of the map, and we find that many people have found a link that has a problem and has not been modified and updated. I must apologize for such cases. This time, I’d recommend these players to know the Skylands Map, which many people are looking for. Now you can install this version. You can download this version immediately. Just look for the download link below.

Skylands Map

Why is this interesting? What are the special features of this Skylands Map? Many people have questions and concerns about this issue. Today I will tell you about the story of Skylands Map, First, this is the beginning of creativity. So, have you ever watched “Avatar”? Island Sky is one of beautiful place ever made in Minecraft, if you do not ever seen. I think you miss some things.

What is added by this map is awesome and you can not imagine it. And how the game “Minecraft” can make it. This map will be added to your will get new dungeons and a good return, adventure and animals like ants lurking horrors lurking around the island.

Skylands Map Main Features

  • New maps
  • Flying Island of course
  • Water around island
  • New dungeons and adventures
  • Whole new experiment since your on the sky

How to install Skylands Map

  1. First of all you will have to donwload the map
  2. Extract the map to your desktop
  3. Rename it as World1 and it will be placed in your world 1 slot
  4. Copy your world1 folder and go to start
  5. Then find your “run”
  6. Type there “%appdata%”
  7. Then go to this “roaming”
  8. Then “.minecraft”
  9. Then “saves”
  10. Paste your map here
  11. Fun!
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