Skyline Mod

When you play Minecraft, don’t you feel that there is something wrong? I mean if you are going to build some stuff like air ship, balloon that can actually fly into the air like the real one, but it seems that Minecraft can’t make that happen right? So, I have the mod that will help to solve that problems which called Skyline Mod.

Skyline Mod

Skyline Mod

Skyline Mod

Skyline Mod is a really cool mod which will make your dream come true. This mod is made by ‘EsvDefcon’. This mod basically just allow you to fly into the sky with your cool and beloved stuff around. When you build something that you have put so much effort and you wish it to fly off, but you can’t, so don’t you feel bad for that? All you need is jut install Forge, then install this mod. First, to start playing this mod, all you need is a Ship’s Helm, and some balloons. In order to craft Ship’s Helm, you must have 4 wood planks, 4 redstones, and 1 diamond. To craft balloons, you will need 4 wools for 1 balloon. Note that, you can change the color of the balloon by using different colored wools. Then, you just put those things around your builds and Ship’s Helm anywhere you want in that builds as well. This mod comes with a set of commands, in order to see all commands, you just simply type /skylinehelp, or /skyline?. There will be all commands pop up at the chat. Anyway, this mod is just 50% complete, so there will be something more added for you to enjoy for sure!

If you want your building stuff to fly around the world, why not give this awesome Skyline Mod a go? This mod will fulfill your wishes. I hope you guys enjoy this mod as well. Please feel free to leave any feedback for what mod would you guys like to see or use, so that I can take that as a request for you guys.

Skyline Mod Main Features

  • This mod allows you to fly your cool and beloved stuff around

Skyline Mod Pros and Cons


  • With this mod installed, you can have your builds to fly into the sky
  • This is a really cool mod!
  • The block limit of this mod is  to 3040 blocks, so that is high enough to build some epic stuff!


  • The balloons need their own custom texture
  • This mod requires you to have Minecraft Forge or Modloader installed to your fresh Minecraft

How to install Skyline Mod

  1. Download and install Minecraft Forge first before doing anything about this mod
  2. Download Skyline Mod
  3. Browse to %appdat%
  4. Open .minecraft folder and look for mods folder, then open it
  5. If you don’t have mods folder in your .minecraft folder, just make one
  6. Place the file that you download into mods folder
  7. Done
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