Skyscraper Bundle Map

Many of the plans that are available in this data set was taken directly from ‘Metatropolis Selkirk’. However, this is project by c4ndyr4vr604 and still preserve some of features surrounding streets in the city which following the contours of the surrounding mountains, it may be inappropriate for inclusion in flatMap or many other situations. If you find problem in this Map, Don’t worry about this! Now you can get a new version completed in this Skyscraper Bundle Map

How to install Skyscraper Bundle Map

  1. Extract the map to your desktop
  2. Type ‘%appdata%’ and you will found .minecraft folder
  3. Go to ‘saves’
  4. Rename it as “World1″ and it will be placed in your world 1 slot
  5. Copy your world1 folder and go to start
  6. DONE!
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