Skyscraper City Map

I bet that most of you have familiar taste of building things, like sculptures, buildings, skyscrapers and more. That looks so modern, and really comfortable to look at. It might make you feel super relax just watching them. I really love that, if you guys have a good taste like me, you might like this Skyscraper City Map.

Skyscraper City Map

Skyscraper City Map

Skyscraper City Map

Skyscraper City Map

The Skyscraper City Map is a map which full of giant skyscraper builds from the city, almost about 50 skyscrapers. Wherever you look at them, there will be full of buildings, and you might think that the whole city will be so messed up, but actually it’s not. There are many beautiful views, like the Trump tower in Nyc, One Madison park and three smaller buildings, an old palace-like building and three smaller buildings which is very amazing good-looking. There are also the sport stadium and arena, such as, football stadium, basketball arena and a metro line to the Sports centre. The 2 International Finance Center, 17 State street and three other skyscrapers added too. Most of the skyscraper building pattern are from, Paris, Newyork, Nyc, Paris, Dubai, Hongkong, Shanghai, Jumeirah. 

This is absolutely incredible, and deserves more attention for players. The creator of this map must be a talented architecture. This amazing Skyscraper City Map will make you really enjoy travelling in downtown, it’s like you go shopping.

Skyscraper City Map Main Features

  • There is a lot of  skyscraper buildings added

Skyscraper City Map Pros and Cons


  • Bring new looks into Minecraft which look like you’re in a real downtown


  • Include so many detailed, many skyscraper building, may decrease your FPS might be lag

Skyscraper City Map Change Log

  • Fixed minor bugs
  • Compatible with the latest version of Minecraft
  • Added the Palm Jumeirah
  • Added the Trump tower in Nyc
  • Added an old palace-like building and three smaller buildings
  • Football Arena added
  • Basketball Arena added

How to install Skyscraper City Map

  1. Download and install Optifine for more features
  2. Download Skyscraper City Map
  3. Browse to %appdata% and look for ‘.minecraft’
  4. Find ‘saves’ folder
  5. Drag and drop the file you downloaded into ‘saves’ folder
  6. Start the game
  7. Check if the map is completely loaded
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