SkyZone World Generator Mod

Now!!! Update Minecraft 1.3.2, SkyZone World Generator Mod for Minecraft 1.3.2 It’s amazing version!!! SkyZone World Generator in which beyond the standard Default, including every type of resource being available to you. Another great feature is that the void, the sky around you is actually infinite so you cant reach the land by building out in one direction. I suggest this!!! If you want to know much more, Just try to use SkyZone World Generator 1.3.2 Mod!!! Let’s Fun.

Developer by King Korihor, Big thanks for Awesome this SkyZone World Generator 1.3.2 Mod!!!

SkyZone World Generator 1.3.2 Mod Features

Different from SkyBlock v. 2.1 :

  • Torch added to Sand Island (to keep Endermen from running off with blocks)
  • Obsidian turned into Lava blocks (to add an extra challenge)
  • Chests eliminated altogether
  • Endless empty chunks (you simply can’t build to the “mainland” unlike on the map version)
  • “Creative Mode” building with the SkyZone
  • Villagers in a small hut (not a complete village, but a core to start building one).
  • With “Generate Structures” on, creates a micro Nether Fortress, Stronghold, Village, and Dungeon
  • Every achievement in vanilla Minecraft can be completed with the content in the map this mod creates
  • Additional small biome areas specific for spawning Ocelots & Wolves
  • Every possible renewable resource can be obtained from maps generated with this mod, along with many types of non-renewable resources (although in admittedly limited quantities).
  • A custom version of The End

How to Install SkyZone World Generator 1.3.2 Mod Minecraft 1.3.2

  1. Download MCPatcherHD and run
  2. Click “Unpatch” to have a fresh copy of the Minecraft.jar
  3. Download Modloader and add it (+) with MCPatcherHD
  4. Click Patch and make sure Minecraft runs
  5. Download “WorldGen_API_for_1.3.1a” and add to MCPatcherHD
  6. Locate your “.minecraft” folder and go to “Mods” (created by ModLoader)
  7. Download “SkyZone_v_0_96.jar” and place it in the “Mods” folder.
  8. Click Patch and run Minecraft
  9. Create new map, click “More World Options…” and choose SkyZone.

SkyZone World Generator 1.3.2 Mod Minecraft 1.3.2

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