Slender Creeper Map

Slendy is back!! Have you ever played of heard of it? The scary game that you have only one flashlight and go around the map given then collect things assigned for you to do, it’s quite easy right? But you will have to be aware of the tall man wearing black suit that will appear in front of you suddenly. So, you can find that experience in the world of Minecraft as well with this awesome Slender Creeper Map.

Slender Creeper Map

Slender Creeper Map

Slender Creeper Map is an adventure map which made by ‘minecraft-pg5’. This map detail is like the picture above which will show you most of the thing that you will see. All you have to do is just mess around in this map and do the mission which is finding the thing in the middle of the night which there is no slender man sneaking around you, but there will be something keeping interrupt you for sure. That thing is creeper! You might know at the very beginning because of the name of this map. Those creepers will try to kill you, but they won’t show themselves, they will be staying and hiding behind the tree which you might not be able to see them, they will just sneak around you and then shggg, boooom! You’re dead hahaha. So, I give you a hint though, be careful of every single corner and watch every single step of yours, otherwise your body will be lying down.

If you find this Slender Creeper Map awesome, interesting and can remind you of that game, so please, comment, blame, give feedback whatever you want to, so that I ask take those thing to the creators. Moreover, if you think that it is not scary enough, so you should find any other mod to install in order to make this map become much scarier and harder to be done

Slender Creeper Map Main Features

  • This is the map is based on the game Slender Man
  • An adventure map
  • Creepers sneaking all around you
  • Creepy atmosphere with dusky and dark look

Slender Creeper Map Pros and Cons


  • If you have ever known or played Slendy game before, you would enjoy  the finest fun given by this map
  • Anyways, this is just a custom map that look creepy, but if you want to have some more new mobs or ghost, you will have to find a mod to do those job for you though


  • Anyways, this is Minecraft so most of the atmosphere and the feeling does not really give your point of the game Slendy
  • Half of the scariness disappeared because it’s not that scary though

How to install Slender Creeper Map

  1. Download Slender Creeper Map by scrolling this page till you see the download link
  2. Look for the version that you would like to download and play with it (the same version as your Minecraft recommended)
  3. Go to %appdata%/roaming/.minecraft
  4. Find saves folder and open it
  5. Just put the new file or the downloaded file into this folder
  6. All done, just start the game and try selecting new map that is available in your starting menu
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