Smart Moving Mod

Have you ever press F5 when you are playing MineCraft to switch to third person view and cannot help but notice that when you use your avatar to run around or to swim, something just feel off? If you do then i got the perfect solution for you. It is call Smart Moving Mod.

Smart Moving Mod

What Smart Moving Mod actually does to MineCraft is, this mod improve the overall movement particle of the game when you move around. Whether when you run, swim or climb ladder, this mod will make your movement and joint creation much better and it make overall movement in the game feel much more natural. You can see knee bending when you run, you can see that you arm look more life-like when you climb. You can also see your arm and leg movement when you jump into the water for a quick swim.

Smart Moving Mod have been developed with the sense of improving the overall gameplay of MineCraft to make everything feel more natural. A lot of time have been spend to try to make this mod as it is today. Hence this mod will improve the overall gameplay of MineCraft and you would not be disappointing with this mod.

Smart Moving Mod Main Features

  • Added Animation to MineCraft Character
  • Add Wall Climbing Animation
  • Add Animation for flying and falling
  • Add Animation when you jump, run and swim
  • Add Animation for sliding

Smart Moving Mod Pros and Cons


  • This mod makes everything in MineCraft better
  • This mod improves the overall game play of MineCraft and make it look better and become more fun to play


  • Installation can be pretty troublesome
  • Require a lot additional mod in order for this Mod to work

Smart Moving Mod Change Log

  • Added more animation into the mod
  • Compatible with latest MineCraft version

How to install Smart Moving Mod

  1. Download and install the following Modloader, MineCraft Forge and Player API and make sure it work
  2. Download Mod from our download link below
  3. Choose which version of this mod you want to use ( Check readme file for more information)
  4. Search for .minecraft folder
  5. Copy and paste Smart Moving Mod that you download into mods folder
  6. Alternately you can also just copy and paste everything you install into minecraft.jar
  7. Done! Happy Gaming Fellow MineCrafter
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