SmoothTex Texture Pack

With Minecraft getting update and as time pass somehow Minecraft became a darker and more scary place when you play it. Sometime i actually miss the good old version of Minecraft where everything look so much more brighter and cheerful that even if i go exploring at night i feel safe and i also feel that nothing can go wrong. If you are in the same feel as me then SmoothTex Texture Pack is the pack for you.

SmoothTex Texture Pack

SmoothTex Texture Pack

SmoothTex Texture Pack will lit up everything in Minecraft. It will make you feel as if you are back in your dream land, everything is so shinny sun is bright trees and flower look very friendly, it almost feel like home. While there are definitely a whole collection of Minecraft texture packs to choose from in today world, none actually give you the feel that this pack give. This texture pack focus on smooth, bright cheerful and friendly user feel.

While SmoothTex Texture Pack may not be the most well done texture pack out there, but this pack definitely is one of the most unique one and one of the more popular texture pack around. While it already ideal to feel adventurous and exploring the dark scary mysterious place but then it also not wrong to sometime want to have the feeling that the world is not as scary as you make it out to be. Download this and play it to your heart and i promise you that you would not be disappoint with it.

SmoothTex Texture Pack Main Features

  • A very unique pack around design for those who seek user-friendly environment
  • Very smooth texture pack

SmoothTex Texture Pack Pros and Cons


  • User Friendly Environment
  • Interference in the game have all been remake to fit this theme


  • This pack might be to user friendly for some players

SmoothTex Texture Pack Changes Log

  • Added a lot of new features into the pack
  • Fix Minor Bug found in previous version
  • Compatible with the latest Minecraft version

How to install SmoothTex Texture Pack

  1. At the run bar type in %appdata% and find .minecraft folder found in roaming section
  2. Open up .minecraft folder and find texture packs sub folder
  3. Download SmoothTex Texture Pack from our download link below
  4. Copy and paste everything you just download into texture packs sub folder
  5. Start up Minecraft and choose SmoothTex Texture Pack from the menu
  6. Done!
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