Sonic The Hedgehog Map

This is very well made to the theme of Sonic ( yup that blue little creature from Sega) Although there no spinning power roll feature in this map, Sonic The Hedgehog Map it still a very good and fun map to play with friends.

Sonic The Hedgehog Map

Sonic The Hedgehog Map is a racing map, your objective is to run the full map, passing through check point and finding the shortest way there is to complete the whole lap in the shortest time ever. You will face obstacle and building block that you will need to over come by jumping on to the booming pad that will fly you into the sky and land you in the landing zone. Once you finish your lap and complete the whole course, the timer at the top of a middle size mountain will show your record.

Sonic The Hedgehog Map only work in SP and Lan mode cause you will need close to 0 ping in order for the sprinting features in this map to function properly. Those who love a good race. Download this map and Like us in the map!

Sonic The Hedgehog Map Main Features

  • Racing style of Map
  • Another master art from disco_
  • Booming pad idea is very interesting

Sonic The Hedgehog Map Pros and Cons


  • Racing and completing with friend sound fun and refreshing
  • No Plug in require


  • Can be boring after a while
  • Map is rather too small

How to install Sonic The Hedgehog Map

  1. Download the Sonic The Hedgehog Map from our download link below
  2. Locate save folder found in Minecraft file
  3. Copy and paste this map into save folder
  4. Start up MineCraft
  5. Choose load game and choose this map
  6. Done!
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