Sorcery Mod

Hello my friends all, this time, many people might be bored with school, and many people may be tired of the home-work, today I have a new Mod and of course it has been a great deal. This model is called Sorcery Mod, It has features that will allow players to get magic mod. Sorcery Mod to the latest operating system that will allow players to control the magic by adding spell, also you will. get a list of new items and a new blog. And it will change you as a Master Sorcerer.

Well, sir, if all the players are ready to start this special experience. You can download and install it from here. I hope you will be a wonderful experience. If you find a problem or error with spicy, please report it to us. Lastly, do not forget to thank the developers. “Vroominator” for this kind of mod.

Sorcery Mod

Sorcery Mod For Minecraft 1.5.2

Sorcery Mod For Minecraft 1.5.2

Sorcery Mod Main Features

Features for this version: Everyone will get a new 47 spells magic spells, and do not forget to keep track of updates for this version too. In addition, everyone can share the magic. And get the wand, there is more. New machines to work with new fluid, New magical tools and armour and more.
Ps.For a spell, the player will receive: Spellbooks, Spell Tablets, Spell Pages and Staffs.

Sorcery Mod has been updated to the latest version, however! It is still operational and has been updated in the future. But you can use it now, sometimes you may encounter problems. But of course it is not serious. Hopes that all players would have been a good experience. If wrong, please tell us.

More: You can keep track of other documents. Or formula from here.

Sorcery Mod Pros and Cons


the mod still be working with Grand River in beta, and we still found some bugs or errors. Do not forget to report these problems. We will raise these issues in the beta information to assist developers in the future.


You may also experience problems with the surface, and of course, you may find a beautiful surface, please consider the following story about the developer: he is a programmer and of course he is not an artist, so please give. suggestions on improving the skin to help him. We appreciate your comments or suggestions about these functions.

Sorcery Mod Main Story

Over time for thousands of years, the magic is lost and a major loss for the art. Minecraft growing rapidly and the magic began to return to their world again. Many people choose to travel to the world of magic and the power of magic, they started fighting among themselves. They learn to control it. But many years have passed since the fall of the Empire Testificate. Now only village that has the blood of these limits are modest, their maintenance, repair, construction, and protect the village. And this is the start of your …

Sorcery Mod Changelog

  • Bug Fixes.
  • compatability with current Minecraft version.
  • Dyable wizard hats.

How to install Sorcery Mod


  1. Install Minecraft Forge
  2. Drop the Sorcery Zip file into the / mods folder inside. Minecraft. If / mods doesn’t exist, create it.
  3. Launch Minecraft.
  4. Done!

Installing the NEI Plugin:

  1. Install Minecraft Forge
  2. Grab CodeChickenCore and NotEnoughItems from ChickenBones’ forum thread.
  3. Drop both jar files into the / coremods folder inside. Minecraft. If / coremods doesn’t exist, create it.
  4. Drop the Sorcery NEI Plugin Zip file into the / mods folder inside. Minecraft. If / mods doesn’t exist, create it.
  5. Launch Minecraft.
  6. Done!
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