Spider Queen Mod

I’m excited and really proud to present you guys the mod called Spider Queen Mod. It’s really is the wonderful mod ever created which I had a lot of fun playing with it according to the new contest added and many new things added as well. What the features and thingy this mod will give to you guys, let’s check it out!

Spider Queen Mod

Spider Queen Mod

Spider Queen Mod is the mod that I have spent most of the time playing with it because of its features that will make you feel all the things you want including of brand new, new aspect of the game, new content, challenge and many things. Let’s get into the detail first! This mod was made by WildBamaBoy. Some people might be familiar to this mod because it was available to play since Minecraft update 1.3 long time ago. This one comes up with the new and fresh content including of the new Spider Queen model as a boss or hostile mod, but it reverses the role of the player in the world of Minecraft by placing them in the role of a monster instead of a human. Being the Spider Queen, you are able to see better in the dark without using the night vision potion, climb up every blocks in the straight line and even swing from walls and ceilings. Your job is to catch monsters and humans, then use them to create the new spiders which will help to protect you from dangerous surroundings.

If you feel bored of being human and do the same boring daily routine in the world of Minecraft, you might want to be something else like big spider with the new abilities to do stuff. So, if you find this mod interesting, please give it a go and you will find the loads of fun provided inside this Spider Queen Mod.

Spider Queen Mod Main Features

  • Work both in single-player and multi-player
  • You are being the Spider Queen
  • You are able to climb, swing from walls and ceilings
  • You are able to create the new spiders to protect you

Spider Queen Mod Pros and Cons


  • In this mod you are being the Spider Queen which is the new roll coming up with the new abilities mentioned above
  • You don’t have to worry about the danger outside because you can build your own bodyguard which are those new spiders that you can create


  • The requirement of Minecraft Forge is boring and every would feel the same way
  • In this mod Humans are the enemy as you become the spider
  • You might get hit by those new variety of the new creatures including of bees, mandragoras, ants, beetles, wasps, and many more

How to install Spider Queen Mod

  1. Download Spider Queen Mod from the link given below
  2. Be sure to select and download the mod in the version most compatible with your Minecraft game
  3. Then rest the file, download and install Minecraft Forge with the latest version first
  4. Go to %appdata%/roaming/.minecraft by using the searching browser
  5. Look for mods folder and put the downloaded file in
  6. Finished