SS Belgenland Map

Another map that comes with a model and you got nothing to do with it except exploring and see how awesome it is. As well as this SS Belgenland Map that there will be only one thing added for you to see and have fun with which is the Belgian Titanic.

SS Belgenland Map

SS Belgenland Map

SS Belgenland Map

SS Belgenland Map is a simple custom map made by CreeperCraftCity. In this map, you will find yourself in front of the SS Belgenland which is the name of the ship from the Red Star Line and also this one was the biggest ship of the Red Star Line and sadly one of the unknown ships. But if you could clearly see or download the map and you see what I’m talking about is the model of the ship that look absolutely stunning. Somehow, it looks like Titanic, the ship that you see from the movie.

The first screenshot and the next one is not the same pictures, just to make it clear that, the one with white and black theme screenshot is the real SS Belgenland. See? That it looks pretty much the same. I’m not sure about the interior design whether it’s from the same ship of this one the developer just made it up, but every class and room look so perfect like you are in a luxury hotel as shown in the main forum that every room in the 1st Class like restaurant, smoke area, dining saloon, lounge, reading and writing room are all wonderfully decorated. Just by looking those details being put neatly piece by piece, I feel like I just want to jump into my computer scene that go into that world haha.

If you find this map and the model attractive like I do, be sure to give this creator a diamond and stay tune for his next piece of artworks. We should stop judging a book by its cover like this one, even if the exterior details of the ship look simple, but inside looks incredible. Be sure to give this awesome SS Belgenland Map a go!

SS Belgenland Map Main Features

  • Full interior design detailed
  • The Belgian Titanic model or the SS Belgenland, the biggest ship of the Red Star Line

SS Belgenland Map Pros and Cons


  • This kind of map is actually boring, but the model and the design both exterior and interior look good especially those rooms from the 1st class


  • This map is all about one of the unknown ships of the Red Star Line
  • This map and the model is like a story teller which is quite boring for those who’s not interested in it

How to install SS Belgenland Map

  1. Download SS Belgenland Map from the link download provided below
  2. Once you click in the download link, there will be many version of this map available for you to download
  3. Just select only one that is most suitable to your game and download it
  4. Put this file in the saves folder from your Minecraft directory
  5. Start the game
  6. Have fun exploring this thing
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