Stackables Mod

This basically tends to make doors, saddles, indicators, minecarts, and boats stack! The doors, saddles, and indicators stack as much as eight, although the minecarts and boats stack as much as four. Much more Stackables Mod is quite beneficial thinking about this really is a thing that requires to become integrated in to the actual game. It operates excellent for space, and may assist you to in all of your door demands! I bet that can by no means occur to me once more!

Stackables Mod

Stackables Mod is a part of Risugami’s Mods and may be downloaded around the forum web page, as well as this mod he has tons additional. Have a look at other articles on this website for testimonials on though. (like my Block Distortion assessment i did!) So go stack up all of your doors and indicators! in no way let your inventory fill up once again!

Stackables Mod Story

The other day I was playing minecraft, and i went to craft myself a couple of doors, to guard myself in the huge terrible monsters outdoors. Properly my inventory was almost complete, you understand how tough it truly is to create area when your receiving supplies the initial day of minecraft? Effectively it seemed i didn’t have fairly adequate area for two doors! So i figured this wouldn’t be an enormous trouble but then i saw the creeper lurking toward my door. So i promptly ran to spot the door, and i did so just in time. But i went back to create the second along with the blasted creeper blasted ME out of my residence as well as destroying as well! So whats the point of this extended, weird, random story? Effectively its the Far more Stackables Mod obviously!

How to install Stackables Mod

  1. Download Stackables Mod
  2. Open the minecraft.jar with 7zip or winzip
  3. Move the mod files in the mod in to the minecraft.jar
  4. Delete that silly META INF folder that no one likes
  5. Have entertaining with this EPIC mod!
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