Star Wars Droids Mod

Do you love watching or playing Star Wars? I mean any series that you’d like to mention to. Anyways, that doesn’t matter if you already love it. So, what about the droids or the robots in the movie? How do you feel about them? If you like them, imagine if those droids from the Star Wars series movie will be added into the world of Minecraft and you will see them running around in your world with the new mod called Star Wars Droids Mod.

Star Wars Droids Mod

Star Wars Droids Mod

Star Wars Droids Mod

Star Wars Droids Mod is a really interesting mod which was just released a couple days ago. This mod is based on Star Wars. That makes no sense that I really have to tell you that the mod is based on what. It’s freaking clear that the title says it all. This mod basically is about the droids in the Star Wars that will be added into your world. As it’s just released, there are currently only 3 new droids added including of R2 Unit, 3P0 Protocol and Viper Probe. As they are droids, there is only one way to obtain them is to build them up by crafting. There are tons of new recipes added which all of those are actually some tools and most are parts of those droids. For example, it’s motor, power cell, the repair wrench, their AI brain and many more. You can check all the recipes from the main web which is minecraftforum website. I know that most of you thought that it’s going to be easy to get one of those droids running around in your world, but the truth is that you are going to need time gathering materials to craft them.

Anyways, according to the pictures above, if you really like the models of those 3 new droids added, please give this awesome Star Wars Droids Mod a go. There will be more droids added in the future for sure and I hope all of the textures and the looks of each one will suit the Minecraft’s theme like those three.

Star Wars Droids Mod Main Features

  • Currently, there are 3 new droids added based on Star Wars movie series and there will definitely some more be implemented in the near future
  • Those 3 new droids are R2 Unit, 3P0 Protocol and Viper Probe

Star Wars Droids Mod Pros and Cons


  • If you are a fan of Star Wars and you also love the droids in that movie series, now you can have them running around in your Minecraft world
  • Even if there are currently 3 new droids added, but their textures really suit the Minecraft theme though


  • This mod is just released, so currently there are not that much details added except there are only 3 new mobs added which are the droids based on Star Wars series
  • This mod will work perfectly with Minecraft Forge installed, you have to download and install it first

How to install Star Wars Droids Mod

  1. Without Minecraft Forge, this mod won’t work, you need Minecraft Forge with the latest version installed first
  2. Download the Star Wars Droids Mod from the link download provided below with the latest version
  3. Search for %appdata% and look for .minecraft
  4. Once you open in .minecraft folder, find mods folder
  5. Copy and paste the downloaded mod with .jar file into the mods folder
  6. All done
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