Storage Drawers Mod

Have you ever used the mod called Jabba or Bibliocraft Mod? These two will offer you something about the chest or the storage in the world of Minecraft. But actually the Storage Drawers Mod that I’m going to give you today has nothing to do with those two as this mod just only borrows the idea and apply to its own feature.

Storage Drawers Mod

Storage Drawers Mod

Storage Drawers Mod is a mod that provide you the convenience and comfortable of managing your storage. The interaction between you and the drawers are mouse click-based which there you are going to have to remember all of the following click and key including of to insert full stack in hand into drawer, just right-click. To insert all compatible stacks in inventory into drawer, just double-right click. To remove a single item from the drawer, left click. You cN even remove a dull stack from the drawer by shift left click. With shift right click when you are holding nothing, it’s going to open a UI to see exact item counts and allow you to upgrade the drawer. The wooden one are the main block in this mod coming up with the configuration and style. The drawer that can store the most is up to 32 stacks.

Moreover, there are two new special blocks added including of the Compacting drawers that will auto-convert compressible items. Another one is the Drawer Controllers. This mod does support so many other mods out there. But the mod probably provide you enough amazing features that you really have to try it out.

Storage Drawers Mod Main Features

  • Interaction of this mod is all click-based by clicking on one of drawers on front will interact with that drawer
  • This mod borrows idea from the other mods called Jabba Mod and Bibliocraft Mod

Storage Drawers Mod Pros and Cons


  • This mod might change the overall storage to be something new and easy to use as well, you now don’t have to put so much effort into reaching to your most frequent used items anymore
  • The look of the drawers look so freaking  amazing, it’s really pleasant to the eyes, neat and beautiful


  • Minecraft Forge is heavily recommended to be installed first
  • Without Minecraft Forge, this mod won’t work and provide full features

How to install Storage Drawers Mod

  1. Download Minecraft Forge with the latest version
  2. Download the Storage Drawers Mod with .jar file
  3. Install Minecraft Forge first
  4. Browse to %appdata%
  5. Open .minecraft folder
  6. Go into mods folder
  7. Put the whole downloaded file without extracting into the mods folder
  8. All done and have fun
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