Stuffed Animals Mod

Are you feeling bored of playing Minecraft? If you do so, I would like to suggest you guys to check and give this Stuffed Animals Mod. Don’t you look for some little mod that can help to make your time about playing Minecraft become much more worthy?

Stuffed Animals Mod

Stuffed Animals Mod is a really cool mod which does exactly what the title says, as much as you can guess from the title though. This is the mod which will add some new thing to the world of Minecraft including a stuffed animal version. Those stuffed animal version are from every single mob in the game. There are some custom sounds which are very unique for each single stuffed animal.

Also, GUI of heart showing hearts of the stuffed animal when interacted with. There are more randomly custom textures for the horses and the villagers. So, if you want to get the type that suit your taste best, so you will have to place them for multiple times until you get the right one that you want. In order to get those animals, you will have to craft a present and use it by right clicking while you are holding it in your hand. After clicking it, it will give you around three random stuffed animals. The recipes for the present are included 2 red dye and 2 wool.

I think this Stuffed Animals Mod would give you a lot of fun as well. That might be because even I’m the person who feel bored easily, but I enjoyed this mod a lot. It’s very simple and little mod, but full of fun! Do not miss it and give this awesome mod a go!

Stuffed Animals Mod Main Features

  • Randomly custom textures for the horses and the villagers
  • Custom unique sound when interacted with each of those stuff

Stuffed Animals Mod Pros and Cons


  • It’s just a little mod, but will give you loads of fun
  • Those animal stuffed when put are things that I could really enjoy watching all day


  • This mod does require Forge in order to install and make the mod work properly
  • This mod is just a little mod that does not have so much details as you want

How to install Stuffed Animals Mod

  1. Forge required, so download and install it first
  2. Go to %appdata% and open roaming folder, open .minecraft folder
  3. Open mods folder
  4. Download Stuffed Animals Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10 from the link below
  5. Drag and drop the downloaded file into the mods folder
  6. Done
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