Stump Pack Texture Pack

Stump Pack Texture Pack is the ultimate texture pack to get. It is like some sort of starter kit for new MineCrafter players who have never experience texture pack before. This pack contains 3 downable content. Each with different theme and it pretty much cover the most basic theme in MineCraft.

Stump Pack Texture Pack

Stump Pack Texture Pack

Stump Pack Texture Pack

Stump Pack Texture Pack

Stump Pack Texture Pack have three different style texture pack to choose from each with its own characteristic. There are Treestump, RuneStump and Blightstum. Let start with Treestump, this pack make MineCraft look brighter and more friendly user with the greenish color of the grass and tree then there also the color of the sun when it sun set time, it make MineCraft look historical and very ancient where Mother Nature is the force to fear for man kind. Moving on to Blightstum, Blightstum remind me of some sort of post Apocalypse sort of world. Everything seem darker even the grass look like it in the dying state of decay. It give off a darker feel to the MineCraft but it look great and a perfect fit with MineCraft in that corresponding theme. Lastly there RuneStump, this pack is a mixture of Treestump and Blightstum, it got that perfect mix of perfection in it. RuneStump actually look very much alike our current age ( modern ) things that suppose to be bright is still bright and things that should be darkie feel that give off evil intention are there too. So RuneStump is the pack to start playing with.

There not a lot of texture packs around that have a different theme in itself for player to choose from. Granted that Stump Pack Texture Pack is not the most best looking pack in today world but it is essential for those who need an introduction to Texture Pack of MineCraft. Remember to show your support by liking the website and this page so that we can continue to update you on what going around in MineCraft World.

Stump Pack Texture Pack Main Features

  • Beautifully created texture pack that let player choose between the three
  • Completely remake all of three texture pack and customize it to make it completely different from the original theme

Stump Pack Texture Pack Pros and Cons


  • Three different texture pack to choose from and all three of them are well made
  • If you are not looking for animated water then you don’t need any plug-in to install this texture packs


  • It a well balance pack but it not the most well made.

Stump Pack Texture Pack Change Log

  • Added jungle trees
  • Removed Sheep’s bookcase and re-texture some of the texture
  • Compatible with latest MineCraft Version

How to install Stump Pack Texture Pack

  1. Start up Minecraft
  2. Click texture pack
  3. A window will pop up
  4. Download Stump Pack Texture Pack from our download link below
  5. Copy and Paste what you download into that pop up window
  6. Choose this texture pack before playing
  7. Done! Happy Gaming Fellow MineCrafter
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