Super Mario Mod

How do you feel when you play the Minecraft game? Of course, this is a game with a great concept. All players can create things that are around. Also, you can develop properties Mods, Texture Packs and other. This was a great experience to help fun. Today I have a portfolio that will change your world. We ‘re talking about the great work that has been popular with most players.

Super Mario Mod

Super Mario Mod

Super Mario Mod

If you are the one who are looking for games in the past, it was the ever popular Super Mario Mod is a great job, I’d recommend that you download and install. This mod was inspired by the great game where you become known as “Super Mario” Obviously, if you are a fan of this game. I am sure you will appreciate and love this great job. If you are ready to download and install the Super Mario Mod. You can find the download link at the bottom. We hope that you will be a great experience.

Super Mario Mod has been updated and enhanced to work well in the latest version. Personally, I find that it has been updated many features such as block, new mobs, new tools, armor, etc. However, these features are to be developed in the future more.

Super Mario Mod Main Features

  • It has been renovated and more balanced. It does not make the game Minecraft look bad. Improve the environment, but it looks like the game Mario.
  • There are also additional features such as block, new mobs, new tools, armor, etc.

Super Mario Mod V2.8 Changelogs

  • Running the latest version of Minecraft and below.
  • Improve the quality of light, color and compatibility.
  • Added new Flying Mob.
  • Additional recipes to craft

Super Mario Mod Recipes

Super Mario Mod Super Mario Mod

Super Mario Mod Super Mario Mod

Recipes Blocks, Tools, Items, Armor, Mobs and more : here

How to install Super Mario Mod

  1. Download and install Forge
  2. Run Minecraft
  3. Download the Super Mario Mod
  4. Copy and place the zip/jar folder into the “mods” folder
  5. Open your Minecraft
  6. Start the Minecraft launcher
  7. Select the “Forge” profile
  8. Done!

* If you can not install, go to instructions for installation : here

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    do i NEED audiomod?

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    how can i download from this place??????!!!!!

    • watchara jariyawongsiri

      just click on the download link anonimi

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