Super Shaders Mod

Have you ever wanted to make your your world become much more beautiful and more cheerful? If you have, so I have this mod for you which will fulfill yours dream and make it come true. Here you are the mod about the shader that called Super Shaders Mod.

Super Shaders Mod

Super Shaders Mod

Super Shaders Mod

Super Shaders Mod is another cool shader mod which made by ‘Stazza85’. As you know that shader is one of the best, no the best that will help to improve the quality of the game Minecraft to be much better. Everything look much more realistic. This one also work like that. But, what is the difference between each other shader mod? For example, like this one, it will bring you a richer color and better contrast with dynamic tone. The depth of field are also developed to be much better. A new system for dynamic torch which will bring you a pretty damn cool light color. What is the most specification in shader mod? Of course the water right? This mod also increase and change the form of the water to be much more different from the other shader mod pack. When you use any kind of shader mod or this one you will be automatically brought into the another world. The world that is like a fairy tail, the world that everything look much better, clearer, softer and more enjoyable.

Just from you can see from those awesome screenshots above, aren’t you interested? If you are, so what are you waiting for, just scroll down this page till you see the download link button and click it. Select the version of Super Shaders Mod that compatible to your Minecraft and install it and you are ready to go!

Super Shaders Mod Main Features

  • Shading, Shading everywhere 😀
  • New dynamic torch system
  • New torch color and intensity
  • Dynamic tone mapping
  • Richer color and better contrast

Super Shaders Mod Pros and Cons


  • Just put some light shading in the world, you would feel much better when played. It’s like you are delivered into the another world that is not Minecraft
  • If you have some epic building and you use this shader mod, you will forget you are playing Minecraft 😀


  • In order to use this awesome mod, you must have a really good computer to handle it
  • The FPS might not be stable, it might rapidly increase and decrease all the time

How to install Super Shaders Mod

  1. Download and install Minecraft Forge first before installing this mod
  2. Download Super Shaders Mod from the download link given below
  3. Go to %appdata% and look for .minecraft folder
  4. Look for mods folder and open it, if you don’t have it just make one yourself
  5. Simply paste the downloaded .jar with .zip file into your mods folder
  6. Start the game and check if the mod work properly
  7. All done
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