Survival Games 4 Map

Looking for a map to play with your friends on weekend? If you do so, you are in the right path, here you are the map that is called Survival Games 4 Map. The map that you will find yourself enjoy the endless fun with your friends or in the server. So before you get started with this map you will have to read and follow the rules below

Survival Games 4 Map

Survival Games 4 Map

Survival Games 4 Map is a really interesting and cool map which made by ‘Vareide’. This is the survival map which is created or generated for those who love to challenge and maybe for those who want to practice themselves survival skills. So, in this map, there are some rules that you will have to stick with for the finest fun including there will be only one man standing that will win this survival games, you are not allowed to break any blocks, except for leaves, vines and mushrooms. You can place blocks, but only those blocks that you find in chests though. Before starting the game, your inventory mush be empty. Also, the host house inside this map, nobody is allowed to go in there except host himself. There are also some rule for the host of the survival games as well in case that you are going to play this map in server, so just to let you know. Those rules are included the host can add any weapons and food anytime if the host want to in the center chests. The host can spawn zombies, creeps, or skeletons after the second day has passed. The host can also teleport players for those who stuck in a hole or simular.

Just to let you know that this Survival Games 4 Map is a really great map, it’s way overplayed on mcsg :P, but this map might get really boring for some of you and the team that has made this map disbanded already, sad 🙁

Survival Games 4 Map Main Features

  • Survival theme style of playing
  • There are rules for players and host
  • This map is based upon the movie “The Hunger Games”
  • This map is up to 24 players

Survival Games 4 Map Pros and Cons


  • This is a new way for you to have fun instead of playing your everyday life in Minecraft
  • Loads of fun given by this map, you will never know that will the host spawn new mobs, weapons and food
  • A bit challenge that you will have to face to improve yourself


  • This map is just a survival map, for those who don’t love survival style or challenge, you will get really bored when played
  • The rules for host is quite unpredictable because you will never know when he will spawn the new supply 🙁

How to install Survival Games 4 Map

  1. Download Survival Games 4 Map by scrolling down this page till you see the download button
  2. Search to your Minecraft directory by /%appdata%/roaming/.minecraft/saves
  3. Put the downloaded jar with zip file into the saves folder
  4. Launch your Minecraft, click into the single player, then select the new map that pop up for you
  5. All done, enjoy!
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