Survival On the horizon Map

The field of Minecraft is filled with challenges. You will find a lot of things to uncover. Also, you will find a lot of places to overcome. All of these happen around the huge chunk of property mounted on Earth. Eventually, each one of these challenges, breakthroughs, and lands to overcome will go out about this chunk of property. What you want to do then? Are you going to just live there and grow doing exactly the same challenges that no more keep you motivated? Are you going to be digging things out you have already discovered decades ago? Are you going to still be pleased with lands you’ve mastered age range ago? I do not think so. What exactly in the event you do? Well, simply, search for other world you are able to remain in!

The Survival On the horizon Map can create a ‘new world’, a global that’s completely different from the planet you’re remaining in at this time. It’s a global it is not mounted on Earth. With this particular map, you will dominate heaven! Sky will end up a ‘new world’

Various different challenges is going to be awaiting you to become completed. Various different treasures is going to be awaiting you to become discovered. Also, all differen monsters is going to be awaiting you to become slayed from your sword.

Survival On the horizon Map Challenges

  • Discover the “Legendary”.
  • Discover the secret tomb.
  • Make 32 blocks of melon.
  • Make 64 stonebricks.
  • Develop a 2 tales house with tree, stone, and stonebrick.
  • Make 40 glass.
  • Create a mobtrap.
  • Create a mattress.
  • Create a fly fishing rod.
  • Create a golden apple.
  • Create a chainmale armor.
  • Obtain 22 obsidian.
  • Obtain 15 blocks of glowstone.
  • Obtain 64 nether hpv warts.
  • Develop a stone house in nether.
  • Develop a wheat farm.
  • Obtain 64 wheat.

How to install Survival On the horizon Map

  1. Download the Survival On the horizon Map
  2. Open “run” search bar and kind “%appdata%”.
  3. Open .minecraft folder.
  4. Open the saves folder.
  5. Extract the downloaded (zip) file.
  6. Slowly move the removed folder to your saves folder.
  7. Done!
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