Survivalist Mod for Minecraft 1.11.2/1.9.4/1.8.9/1.7.10

Those who are veteran players would know that survival in the game Minecraft is probably one of the stupidest thing to think about because of what? Because the gameplay is way too easy even if they said that they tried to focus more on making the survival part of the game become as realistic as possible with the average difficulty, but hey, everything is still the same with no challenges at all. If you would like to be the one who make that changes by your own hands, you just have this Survivalist Mod installed and we will see the result real soon.

Survivalist Mod

Survivalist Mod

Survivalist Mod is a mod that has been designed for those who can’t really get enough of the same old gameplay especially it’s being way too easy to play and to beat the game. However, this mod simply gives you a new way of play style with crafting recipes changed or everything gets harder and tougher.

If that doesn’t make any sense, just check this out, you can’t craft sticks directly from combining two planks anymore as you will have to break planks yourself into chopping block and then sticks. Another example would be the chainmail that gets much more difficult to put together because you now will need Iron nuggets to craft a piece of them. Also, the most important one is the changes to the torches. They now can be broken and also have a pretty high chance of breaking as well. Imagine how scary it would be when all the torches you have placed just broken and left everything in silence with the darkness. There are some more of these, but you really have to check it out yourself with your own gameplay.

This Survivalist Mod is not really recommended for those who are newcomers to the game or those who love playing with peaceful. It’s more suitable with the experienced players who are seeking for challenges and the better, harder gameplay experience provided. The early game in Minecraft wouldn’t be that easy anymore.

Survivalist Mod Main Features

  • This mod tries to focus more on the technical side of things which will simply make thing become much more difficult to acquire and also add in limits to the amount of stuff that you can craft with the basic in-game resources

Survivalist Mod Pros and Cons


  • This mod is extremely useful for those who would like to enjoy and try a new way of living with the more realistic feel as well as the interesting mechanics that would totally blow your mind
  • Crafting stick won’t be that easy anymore, torches can be easily broken, just these two examples, you could possibly imagine how exciting it would be when everything is getting more challenging


  • This mod does not really make any direct changes to the gameplay, so there won’t be any new mobs or items added
  • With this mod installed, your gameplay would be quite difficult with many things changed, so you might want it this way
  • Minecraft Forge is heavily recommended

How to install Survivalist Mod

  1. Minecraft Forge required! So, download and install it first and be sure that it’s the most compatible version comparing to your game
  2. Download the mod file with the latest version with the named Survivalist Mod.jar or .zip file
  3. Go to %appdata% and open in .minecraft folder
  4. In here, find mods folder and open it
  5. Drop the downloaded file here without extracting it
  6. Start the game
  7. Have fun
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