TaleCraft Mod

Most people want to play with high quality mod of Minecraft that have been done nicely as well as the way it blends in with the game itself. However, there are not that many of them out there except this TaleCraft Mod. This one tries to aim to enhance the aspect of gameplay experience toward the custom maps.



TaleCraft Mod is a mod that is the spiritual successor to AdventureCraft. It’s pretty obvious from the pictures as well as what I’ve said that this mod is supposed to support the custom maps out there. Basically, this mod will give you the new tools working alongside with their abilities which will help to create more of the in-depth adventure maps. The process of creating one adventure map would take times because the most known minor issue is that the maker doesn’t have enough tool to help creating the map and that’s called limitation. However, with this mod implemented, this won’t be an issues any longer. Not only are you allowed to craft outstandingly phenomenal adventure maps or any custom maps, but also the outcome will totally attract those who try out the map within the very first second. Simply, the level of controlling over the environment is higher , so that you can control and utilize the surroundings, so that things are going to get along very well, especially, the story line. Something that will help to tell an epic tale, something that will make your exploring experience end up finding a cusred tomb with mystery left behind or a little bit more modern style with the space pirate who’s on the hunt for more cyber-rum, everything is up to you whatever you feel like it fits best to your map making style.

This mod is still in the early stage of beta development, so there is going to be a lot of new tools and helpers added later on. Hopefully, overall details that this TaleCraft Mod has to offer would be utterly useful. Moreover, even if you are not them map maker, still you could really enjoy playing with this mod as well.

TaleCraft Mod Main Features

  • New tools added in with the abilities that help create more in-depth adventure maps 

TaleCraft Mod Pros and Cons


  • Higher control of the surrounding and environment
  • There is no limitation preventing you from getting your map done with various tools to use
  • There will be no more tedious process of using the same old tools for the map maker


  • This mod is still in the beta stage of development, so there are eventually some bugs and issues that you might end up facing against
  • Minecraft Forge with the most compatible version comparing to the game’s version needed to be installed

How to install TaleCraft Mod

  1. Minecraft Forge is required, so download and install it first with the most proper version
  2. Download the TaleCraft Mod with .zip file from the link download given below
  3. Go into %appdata%/.minecraft/mods
  4. Get your files and put it into the mods folder
  5. Start the game and check if the mod is properly installed and worked
  6. Done
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