Team Fortress 2 Map

Have you play Team Fortress 2 before? If you do then you will love Team Fortress 2 Map. If you have not then I suggest you download stream and search for Team Fortress 2 and start playing before you return to this post. After all Team Fortress 2 is a free to play game but you need to top up to buy some of the more powerful class. But in the map with MineCraft, you don’t need to do that.

Team Fortress 2 Map

Team Fortress 2 Map

With Team Fortress 2 Map, it is recommended that  you play in a 6 versus 6 game or to a larger scale 12 versus 12. There are two team Blue and Red. Blue is the attacking team your objective will be to capture the control points before the time run out to win the game while on the other hand Red team will have to defend those control point and hold it till time run out. There will be three stages and each team will take turn attacking and defending. You will also be given the choice of eight different class to choose from, each class have their own strength and weakness so experience them all to find out which class do what. You will be able to change class mid game and when you die and respawn you will be born with full equipment. There are also re spawning point for health packs and so on. In short, you will find yourself spending a lot of time playing this map with your friend cause it really fun and really enjoyable. Why not download Team Fortress 2 Map and give it a try now. Remember to show your support by clicking on like on this page and this website.

Team Fortress 2 Map Main Features

  • No mod and plugin require
  • 8 different classes to choose from
  • Instant re spawn with full gear

Team Fortress 2 Map Pros and Cons


  • No mod and plug-in require
  • Very fun to play with and very entertaining


  • Can only be play in adventure mod

Team Fortress 2 Map Change Log

  • Improve texture pack of the map with FVDisco’s

How to install Team Fortress 2 Map

  1. Download Team Fortress 2 Map from our download link below
  2. Find Save folder found in your MineCraft directory
  3. Copy and Paste this map into the save folder
  4. Start up MineCraft
  5. Choose Load game then choose this map
  6. Done! Happy Gaming Fellow MineCrafter
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