Terraria Buttons Mod for Minecraft 1.11.2/1.9.4/1.8.9/1.7.10

You must probably know that most of the resource packs out there are trying their best just to meet the objective of making the world of Minecraft offer you the feel and appearance based on the survival game Terraria, but it seems like some of them have done a really good job. Still, that won’t change the gameplay that much because it focuses mainly on the appearance. So, today we are about to make it focuses more on the performance with this Terraria Buttons Mod.

Terraria Buttons Mod

Terraria Buttons Mod

Terraria Buttons Mod is a mod that has been designed to add in some simple things into the game. Basically, this mod is literally created to be used suitably with the Terraria based resource pack, but hey who cares who that as long as we can get the game with better in-depth details which will totally enhance the experience gameplay. So, those who are a fan of Terraria will eventually fall in love with this awesome one.

Currently, there are some new buttons added in for the purpose of making the interaction between the inventory and the container become much more convenient. There are 4 of the new buttons added in the container or chest and the inventory UI. Loot All, Deposit, Quick Stack, and Restock buttons. These will do exactly just like their names suggest. So, you don’t really have to use your own hot-key just to manage everything in the inventory anymore as of right now you can just single click on those new buttons.

This Terraria Buttons Mod gives you some good stuff that will make your life in-game become significantly convenient. Even if it’s not designed to be used with the Terraria resource pack based, still that won’t matter at all. Moreover, if you find those 4 new buttons a little bit way too annoying as they’re blocking your view, you can just customize and move it to any corner that you want.

Terraria Buttons Mod Main Features

  • This mod brings in most of the lifelike experience that you’ve experienced from the game Terraria into the world of Minecraft which will focus mainly on the chests interaction that allows you to have a new button that can instantly moves things in-between

Terraria Buttons Mod Pros and Cons


  • The Loot All button is extremely useful that can help you to take care of all the items in the inventory as well as the container very easy and fast
  • It’s much more convenient interacting with the container with this mod installed
  • More than that you also have Deposit Button, Quick Stack button and Restock button which will help you manage everything more quickly


  • This mod does not make a big change to the whole gameplay because what it does is just add in some new useful buttons, so if you have expected to see something other special than that, you are in the wrong place
  • This mod requires Minecraft Forge

How to install Terraria Buttons Mod

  1. Download and install Minecraft Forge first as it’s required
  2. Download Terraria Buttons Mod  from the link download provided below
  3. Be sure both file for the mod and Minecraft Forge are downloaded with the most compatible version
  4. Browse to %appdata%/.minecraft
  5. Find mods folder and head into it
  6. Drop the downloaded mod file here inside the mods folder without extracting it
  7. Done
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