TerritoryZone Mod for Minecraft 1.11.2/1.9.4/1.8.9/1.7.10

Do you want the mod to help you really identify the zones in your world? I mean you can see the zones and can declare it yourself to see everything clear as the territory of a given player or players. With the mod called TerritoryZone Mod installed will help or allow you to make that thing happened.

TerritoryZone Mod

TerritoryZone Mod

TerritoryZone Mod is a pretty cool mod also made by Reika and it’s one of the mod pack of this developer. This mod basically allows you to declare zones in your world and to optionally log or prevent others’ actions inside that region. With this mod installed and its simple features will help you to manage your area to be safe from everyone and you can also allow ones or your friends to take action in your area as well. This is the mod that most servers should have used and installed it. The players who are not allowed in that area will not be able to break blocks, place blocks, open GUIs, and kill animals which all the features given can be enabled but actual enforcement is disabled. The zones will present themselves in two ways. First one is when a player is in a zone they do not own, there will be a notification onscreen about their being in that territory and will be warned not to take actions like those permission above. The Zones will be as the following shapes including of Spherical, Cylindrical, Cubical, Prism.

If you really want to try this mod, the link download is given below and be sure to check the version before you download. This mod will surely make you satisfied for sure.

TerritoryZone Mod Main Features

  • This mod will helps and allows you to control your area or your home place and manage everything like permission
  • Everyone who is not allowed in your zone will not be able to break block, place blocks, kill animals and many more

TerritoryZone Mod Pros and Cons


  • This mod will be really useful in server which will help to control and keep the troll out of your place
  • The features given will make your day which you will never ever have any invaders in your place as they cannot do anything


  • Those trolls will not like this mod as it’s being too useful making them cannot troll and do anything bad in your area or zone
  • This mod requires Minecraft Forge to be installed to your Minecraft to stabilize the mod

How to install TerritoryZone Mod

  1. As Minecraft Forge is heavily needed, download and install it first
  2. Download TerritoryZone Mod from the link given below with suitable version
  3. Search for %appdata%/roaming/.minecraft/
  4. Find mods folder, and put the whole file into the mods folder
  5. Start the game and check if the mod is worked or not
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