Test Dummy Mod

Hey, what’s up guys welcome back to another minecraft mod. Today we’re looking at the this mod that looks like an orange slime. Okay guys! If you are looking for something to test out a crap ton of strong weapons. So, this is a Test Dummy Mod that you are looking for. Let’s test out, probably one of the strongest weapons that you’ll ever see in Minecraft met. Just try to use with this mod and you will see how this mod working.

Test Dummy Mod

Test Dummy Mod 1

Test Dummy Mod Recipes 1

Test Dummy Mod Recipes 2

Test Dummy Mod Recipes 3

Test Dummy Mod Recipes 4

Test Dummy Mod this is working on the last version of minecraft and can working well it the version 1.10.2 too. Again, let’s start to test this mod, when you walk up to the dummy and you simply want put your punch up to the face, you will see how the mod working and it shows you how much damage you do. So, it show up at 5 point of your damage when you don’t have any weapon. However, please remember that you can’t kill the dummy.

Next, let’s try to use this when you going to start off with the normal weapon like wood sword, stone sword, diamond sword and don’t forget the bow and arrow. With the wood sword that will show you 2.5 with a normal hit for one attack and then of course if you critical that will show 3.75 of your damage. Finally, I want to tell you that it is different every time for different weapons. So, this is a tool that will let you know the damage when you attack enemies.

Test Dummy Mod Main Features

  • If you want to know damage with your weapon, this mod can help you.
  • Ever time you hit dummy that you will see the more damage you do to this guy

Test Dummy Mod Pros and Cons


  • This is a last version now and that work well with other version like 1.11.2 and 1.10.2
  • It is suitable for people who like new challenges.
  • When you want to know the severity of weapon damage, this will let you know the attack rate of the damage and critical rate from your weapon damage too.


  • However, it only tells the probabilities when you fight the enemy that mean It will only help you in practice mode.
  • Last, you can not destroy the dummy. And try to use this mod with Minecraft Forge

How to install Test Dummy Mod

  1. Download and install you Minecraft Forge, let’s check first that you have this or not.
  2. Then download the Test Dummy Mod
  3. Go to the start menu bar of you window and open Run
  4. Type %appdata% and run it, you will found the .minecraft folder
  5. Copy and past the mod .jar or .zip into the mods folder
  6. Don’t forget to launch minecraft and check the mod before playing.
  7. Hope you enjoy!
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