Thaumic Tinkerer Mod

Are you bored about moving equipment in the game Minecraft? This is because moving the item in the box of the game Minecraft very difficult which this need to keep item in the box, then you will can move the box. Although, we can move the box that still keeping the item, but while you move the box, The items in the box will scattered througout on the ground. So, I would like to suggest you about this Thaumic Tinkerer Mod. That is very useful for the Minecraft player

Thaumic Tinkerer Mod

Thaumic Tinkerer Mod

Thaumic Tinkerer Mod

Okay, I would like to tell you more about the details of Thaumic Tinkerer Mod. This mod has added new tools that we call “Thaumium Boessed Silverwood Wand”. Due to the wand has each ability depend on the color that you use of the wand. I will tell you about ability of each color.

The yellow wand can move the things or block that you want to move by using the wand just right click the thing that you want to move, then left click where that you want to put things or block. The red wand can burn the block that you want to burn them such as sand > glass, cobblestone  > stone something like this. Next, the blue wand can allow you to fly on the sky and can slow down when you fall form the high distance. The last one, the purple wand can give you control the item that you drop on the ground to be a group. I love this mod.

Thaumic Tinkerer Mod is very useful for player. I think that all of you guys will love this mod like me, If you want know more about information of this mod you can read it more at the topic below.

Thaumic Tinkerer Mod Main Features

  • Added new tools that we call it “Thaumium Boessed Silverwood Wand”
  • Add more color of wand (each color has each ability)

Thaumic Tinkerer Mod Pros and Cons


  • New atmosphere for playing Minecraft
  • New item are added


  • There are some bug can not fixed
  • Confuse, if you did not know about how to use  “Thaumium Bossed Silverwood Wand”

How to install Thaumic Tinkerer Mod

  1. Download and install Liteloader or Forge (but, I recommend Forge is better)
  2. Download Thaumic Tinkerer Mod at download link below us
  3. Press start, and search for “%appdata%”
  4. Look for “.minecraft” folder
  5. Then, open “mods” folder
  6. Drag all file that you downloaded into “mods” folder
  7. Start game and enjoy it
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