The 28 Mazes Map

It’s a very boring day to enjoy playing Minecraft. Mostly, because you’ve got nothing to do in your world right? If that’s the way and issue you are facing, you’d better get out of your cave and find something new to enjoy your life with. That’s probably the new mod that add new content or even this The 28 Mazes Map that provides you the puzzle to sharpen your skills. Let’s take a look at some screenshots below.

The 28 Mazes Map

The 28 Mazes Map is a really interesting and fresh new map made by Leandroluiz2210. This map is basically about the mazes as you can read from the title though. This map will provide you guys exactly 28 mazes to solve in each level. Actually, it’s like a room with puzzle that you have to solve to go to the next room. All of them are very well-designed and detailed in term of giving you guys challenges to enjoy with. However, some of them are pretty easy as they give you the obvious clue that can be used to solve the puzzle easily. Anyways, you are going to have some fun and if you are bored of the same way of living in the world of Minecraft, this map might be a really good choice in killing time.

This The 28 Mazes Map only offers you guys the puzzles and mazes which that sometimes might not be enough for you guys to fully enjoy with them. At least, it’s going to give you some fun for sure. With these puzzles provided, you can even improve your puzzle-solving skills that will be beneficial in the future as well. Probably, your observational skills will be improved as well and that will help you in the future for sure.

The 28 Mazes Map Main Features

  • This is a puzzle map providing you guys the 28 mazes
  • This map can be played both in Multi-Player and Single-Player

The 28 Mazes Map Pros and Cons


  • You have new puzzles together with the mazes to solve and enjoy finding the way out!
  • It’s challenging in some levels
  • Totally playable for both Multi-Player and Single-Player, so that you can enjoy playing this map with your friends


  • Some of them are pretty easy to solve
  • There is only a puzzle about the mazes
  • There is no storyline or plot and even prologue provided

How to install The 28 Mazes Map

  1. Download The 28 Mazes Map from the link download below
  2. Search for %appdata%
  3. Look for .minecraft and open in
  4. Head into saves folder
  5. Copy and paste the downloaded file map into the saves folder
  6. All done
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