The Burning House Map

Are you looking for just a simple map that will really enjoy it in a short time even if you want to play alone or play with friends? If you are, I would like to recommend this awesome map called The Burning House Map.

The Burning House Map

The Burning House Map is a pretty in teresting map made by Builder_X which comes up with quite awesome ideas, but might be simple for some people. This map will do exactly what the title says which will provide you a house which is being burnt and you have to find the way out! It’s sort of fun, but there actually is not a lot to run through. As I have experienced, it’s not that hard, all the doorways should be removed to make it much challenge and exciting. Never mind, according to the concept it’s quite awesome to me, but it’s not new at all. But if you just want to find and play with a simple mod with a little challenge, why don’t you guys try this out first to see if you feel fun playing with it or not even the screenshots might not be interested at all. Sometimes, the content in this map might remind you guys of something in the real situation that if your house is burning and you have to find the way though out of the place and you just combine your imagination together with this map, you might feel much more fun when playing it.

If you find this mod a bit interesting which you think you could have fun and kill time with it. This might be the best helper in helping you to get rid of tiresome feeling. Hope you enjoy this awesome The Burning House Map.

The Burning House Map Main Features

  • You are in the house which is burning and you have to find the way out and see how long can you survive!

The Burning House Map Pros and Cons


  • This map is simple, little which won’t requires much graphics to run
  • The features given by this map are quite simple, but fun


  • To be honest, this map might not be really interesting and exciting for some people as it provides with decent idea but the details are too little

How to install The Burning House Map

  1. Download The Burning House Map from the link download provided below
  2. Head to %appdata%/roaming
  3. Find .minecraft folder and open it
  4. Look for saves folder and put the whole downloaded file into the saves folder
  5. Start the game and choose the new map, enjoy!
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