The Clay Soldiers Mod

If you are the one who love innovation and prefer the new style like no other, this is a model that I would recommend is The Clay Soldiers Mod. Personally earlier, I feel don’t like this mod. Because I think it does not interesting, but I was wrong … time for 2 years, I love it and of course developers, updated this version all time and update new features a more wonderful. The developer updates batted well obviously. The better the quality of it. I’m sure many people would wonder if it has anything good. Hey! Look at around your self. Can you see that? Yes, right! you can create Clay Soldiers Mod with rich colors. It wears a warrior spirit, which will allow you to bring these soldiers to war, such as if you want to give it a fighting force was divided into black and red…perfect! you can do that anything what your want! So, interesting! Right?

The Clay Soldiers Mod

Actually, this is quite a lot of detail of Minecraft. How ever it makes the game not boring course I accepted it. Also if your interested. You can download and install it from here. I hope you enjoy it.

The Clay Soldiers Mod


You’ll be able to colour them like everyone else do made of wool.  If you want to get rid of the colour and convey rid of it for his or her grey, ‘doscile’ condition, just place these questions crafting table with water (place one or eight in at any time).


Consider everybody obtaining a feather within the top center spot for pegasi.  You’re also capable of making turtles, geckos, and rabbits similarly:

The Clay Soldiers Mod

The Clay Soldiers Mod The Clay Soldiers Mod


Clay Soldiers mod Features

  • Clay soldiers for your own personel amusement.
  • Clay soldiers may also build houses
  • Horses and pegasi for the soldiers to ride

The Clay Soldiers Mod Changelogs

  • Fix and update now
  • Can compatible with new release Minecraft version.

How to install The Clay Soldiers Mod

  1. Download and install Minecraft Forge
  2. Download the Package Manager here.
  3. Drag the Package Manager into your mods folder
  4. Download the Clay Soldiers mod
  5. Drag the downloaded .jar file into your mods folder
  6. Run minecraft and enjoy

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